August 1st – August 12th… ish?

So… let’s see if I can pick up where I left off a few days ago. In recapping. Aye… so much is still happening that I can’t keep up with! Okay, so I went to check out a place I found on Google for homeless/helpless/hopeless youth. It’s called TLC, or Transitional Living Center. Something tells […]

August 1st… uhm… yeah.

Okay, I finally looked up the date all my bank shit (to be written about shortly) went apeshit, and i turned out to have actually happened on July 31st. So instead of shifting around all the dates and trying to figure out what all happened between the 31st and the, uh, 7th, or whenever… I […]

July 21-ish – August 1st-ish

Here is the long awaited story of the second person whom I wish would just go to hell and get out of other peoples’ lives. So, I was in the uberghetto apartment – it turns out that Ken II and his wife were staying there, at his mom’s place, because their own apartment had the […]

July 20th-ish

The 20th (at least, this particular day, whatever day it was) seems to have been an all around interesting day. Most of my in-the-car days were pretty interesting, with most events and stoppings only lasting less than an hour, and nowhere to stop and rest (except McD’s). I go to McD’s like usual, spend some […]

July 15th – July 20th

So, come August 15th… I packed what I could, and drove off. Literally nowhere to go. I remember going off to McDonald’s to get online, going over to my bestest-friend’s place to drop stuff off and pick stuff up… et cetera. I use my new office-in-car (printer, scanner, laptop, inverter, UPS) to fill out and […]

July 1 – July 15th

Ahh, the beginning of the end. When I start to grow quite fond of laundromat washers. I don’t know which one is more tragic: the loss of my mother, or the loss of my F-16 T-shirt collection. Both are things that happen later, but… well, you’ll see. Read on. So I move out of the […]

June 1st – June 30th

So, here’s the first part of the rollercoaster ride to hell. My mom, in her infinite intelligence, paid for and put me in a so-called “boarding home”. I don’t know why that phrase brings up images of foster homes and dying kids, but that’s pretty much it. It was basically just a 4-bedroom house in […]

Where, oh where, have you been?

Hello blog. How I have needed you over the past two months. In that time I have gone through literal hell. All possible variations of hell, where the entire world has forced me to bend over and take it up the ass. Had dreams become mere memories… reviewing pictures of earlier days of my life […]