Antibat2 is a spamming douchebag. And Valkyrie is a cool guy, eh Hitler and doesn’t afraid of anything.

Congratulations fucknut, you get your own blog post, which is certainly better than clogging up my OTHER blog posts with your fucking incessant questions. So,,,what more do you have to spam? Would you like to post comments with an email address other than the fake so I can actually reply directly to […]

Windows Home Server, redefining the idea of RAID

Windows Home Server is a sort-of offshoot of Windows Server 2003 designed for home users. Yes, home users. But don’t let that give you the impression that this is a Disneyland vacation… Home Server has effectively “created” technologies that will easily revolutionize the entire IT industry, if Microsoft allows it to. Drive Extender is at […]

A daily thing? Eh, maybe…

I dunno if I’ll make this a daily thing, maybe a “at least once a week” thing, or what… but it’d sure be nice to actually give a shit about posting things. So, today was relatively uneventful. At work I diagnosed a laptop (Gateway something) with a backlight that was glowing red (wtf?), and opened […]