Hey, marketing geeks! Double branding sucks.

Linksys by Cisco. Pelco by Schneider Electric. Even APC by Schneider Electric. And now as I look at a bottle of water, I see “Crystal Geyser by CG Roxane”. This all friggin’ sucks, and you marketing geeks probably want to know how it’s impacting your brand image. Badly. When I see “by” in the name, […]

Your moment of zen

*** eddyg wouldn’t want to antagonise FalconFour and be on the same continent – he’s the sort to come knocking on your door with an AK47 and a few support questions of his own. I lol’d. Googling myself on the #handbrake IRC logs is proving to be quite entertaining. source

He’s gettin’ ink done

That song’s really painfully cheesy… but that lyric stuck. So, at least 3 years coming, I finally got that tattoo I’ve been dreaming of. Please excuse the emo mirror photo. At first I couldn’t think of a good way to get a photo of a tattoo on my arm (with the other? timer?), then I […]