Antibat2 is a spamming douchebag. And Valkyrie is a cool guy, eh Hitler and doesn’t afraid of anything.

Congratulations fucknut, you get your own blog post, which is certainly better than clogging up my OTHER blog posts with your fucking incessant questions.

So,,,what more do you have to spam? Would you like to post comments with an email address other than the fake so I can actually reply directly to you instead of posting a blog post to get your attention?

Contrary to your apparent belief, you’re not the center of the universe, and not every blog post is your playground. I get notifications of new replies to EVERY post, so you know what you do? YOU POST YOUR FUCKING QUESTIONS IN THE RELATED BLOG POST. Is that such a difficult concept to understand? I really didn’t think so.

Meanwhile, and on a completely unrelated note… I shoop’d das whoop.

Shoop of Valkyrie DVD cover art

Shoop of Valkyrie DVD cover art

It had to be done. Here’s the original

edit: Also, no… apparently, HP ProtectSmart is a completely ineffective technology, as I just “tested” it with an already-partially-bad hard drive, by whapping a laptop with HP ProtectSmart (installed, running, and watching the icon), from edge-lifted to drop, and now the hard drive is clicking away. Might be able to recover it, but it’s certainly more “DEAD” than it was before since ProtectSmart did nothing to protect the drive. Real fucking great technology there, HP. If you want my opinion, I think HP was just relying on the fact that modern hard drives typically park their heads off the platter after they’ve been idle for a while… ProtectSmart doesn’t work at all.

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    Actually I live in a half-way home because my mother kicked me out of the house and I drive a Pontiac Fiero because it’s like getting into jet fighter cockpit.

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    • falconfour

      Ahh, I figured out how to use the blacklist tool in WordPress. Finally, peace and quiet…

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      i lol’ed. you still drivin that fiero, matt?

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