Donate to F4UBCD Development

I get asked a lot, why don’t I have a donate link for F4UBCD? Well, sheer laziness, really. I really could use the side bonus – part-time IT job pays the bills, but the rest of my time is spent messing around on this stuff. With as much student loan debt I’ve racked up, sheesh, I could really use the help! It’s a balance figure staring at me, laughing, saying “Succkkerrr!” =P

So here’s the thing… first I want to make sure all responsible contributors get taken care of. Patching it all together and making it all play nice was only half the story! If you think these guys’ contributions are worth it, drop them a part of your contribution:

… to name a few. If you use their software on the disc routinely, please at least have the decency to buy a license! You should, after all, only be using software you’re licensed for – I have a license for each one myself.

Finally, if you have some money left over after all that gratuitous gratuity ;), here’s the big magic button! You can drop a couple bucks – say, $10 for “Thanks!”, $20 for “This CD saved my arse!”, or maybe $50 for “This CD saved my PC repair business!”

Bitcoin accepted here

Or via Bitcoin to address: 19U5krMNrScHWdVurD8dHAUmd9Hb9onLJV

And if you do feel like donating… thanks for your support!!

  • globz

    I would like to contact you via email, please email me back.

  • reddit/or

    Dude, you have to get a Google Checkout for donations. I despise Paypal… I think a lot of us do. =

    • falconfour

      Euch… au contraire, I really only use PayPal for most things, and am more than a little creeped out about Google knowing *literally everything* about me, including financial info…it would be wholly awesome to get a donation in Bitcoin though! Make that out to 1MpZtcpJEEouyv3m9DVKsKDCm7oNfnq6hi 🙂

      • Slow-As-Shit Computing

        I’ve only got .001 BTC, but if you have a solidcoin address I’ve got a whole .25 SBC!

        also, which of those two bitcoin addresses would you like the donations to go to?

        • falconfour

          Der… wuups! Well, guess I can’t edit comments after-the-fact, but they’re the same guy – I just set up a unique address for F4UBCD after I learned how addressing worked 😉

          Even 0.001 I’d be happy to take… Solidcoin is really a sad knockoff of Bitcoin from a misguided user that sought to “fork” his proposed changes to Bitcoin instead of just… actually proposing those changes! I was rather unamused by the thread the guy started and the childishness of the “one control moved here, one new logo there” mod of the Bitcoin client used in Solidcoin. I really think the 0.001 is more valuable than the 0.25 🙂

    • Mateo

      is there a way without having to pay using a credit card, my bank wont give me one, i have a credit level of 100

      • falconfour

        Thaaaat’s the Bitcoin address there. =P

      • falconfour

        BTW, “credit card” doesn’t mean “credit” anymore (in ANY place the term “credit card” is used). It could be a prepaid card bought at a grocery store, a debit card from your bank, or anything else with a “Visa”, “MasterCard”, etc. logo on it. Has nothing to do with credit rating or “credit” money, it’s just a way to use your money 🙂

  • Slow-As-Shit Computing