FalconFour’s Ultimate Boot CD/USB 4.6

Find the real article here: http://falconfour.wordpress.com/2013/03/31/falconfours-ultimate-boot-cd-usb-v4-6-f4ubcd/

But what you’re probably looking for is the latest version and a download link http://falconfour.wordpress.com/2013/08/08/falconfours-ultimate-boot-cd-v4-61-patch/

(really just too lazy to keep this secondary site updated, so meh. Also too lazy to polish it into anything resembling usability, this skin is awful and messes everything up, but I’m not about to try rebuilding it. Sigh)

  • alex

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  • avgsmoe

    If i am using a multiboot USB device, is there a way to launch the xploader from the F4UBCD directory? Ideally I’d like to have all files directly relating to F4UBCD in it’s own directory.

  • there is a new version of Kon-boot available with added win8 support

  • Daz

    Hi Grate set of tool,Thanks for creating this,Is there a way to add remote support program to mini xp like supremofree http://www.supremofree.com/index-en.aspx

  • Bob

    Thanks! This helped me repair a win7 install with really weird disk corruption when nothing else worked.

  • guest

    And the easiest way to create a bootable usb drive from this
    is with the open source and portable “Universal USB Installer”


    Step 1: Select Hiren’s Boot CD from the list
    Step 2: Point to the Falconfours iso image
    Step 3: Click Create and that’s it.

    • Kristian

      Thanks for the tip! Will just add that, i needed to rename the Falconfour iso name to Hiren’s Boot CD to get the installer to point to that iso.

    • Sloth

      Worked great!

      • lolol

        Use yumi instead

  • guest

    also, one of them hip one click hoster mirrors…

    FalconFours.Ultimate.rar 697,92 MB single link:

  • SadAdminDude

    Unfortunately, ERD5 is bugged in this version too…I knew it I should have downloaded version 4.0 (one of the older comments suggested it worked flawlessly).

  • Alee

    Tried using F4UBCD with Easy2Boot, and while the normal WinPE environment boots, DaRT, Parted Magic and Linux do not.
    Also, when I tried using it on a flash drive (alone, normal install with instructions) DaRT did not work.

    Is there anything I need to change in the menu to make these things work? Preferably for Easy2Boot (USB-HDD mode with MBR, loads ISO), or at least make DaRT work from a normal USB install?

    PS. Previously posted under the wrong version.

    • Easy2Boot now has a .mnu file for Falcon4 – just look in the _ISOdocssample mnu file folder.
      You can also try making a partition image from the ISO using MakePartImage if MSDart still doesn’t work or you don’t want to extract the folers from the ISO.

      • falconfour

        Sweet! 😀 Just wanted to pop in to mention that the DaRT 5 tools in MiniXP almost never seem to work right even for me – I seem to have introduced a bug that I forgot to test-out between v4.5 and v4.6. So if those DaRT tools don’t work in MiniXP, don’t feel bad. The DaRT 6 launcher also has its own issues from one computer to another, so issues with the DaRT tools may not be related to that tool. Don’t bang your head against it too hard, in other words. 🙂

  • I like F4UBCD a lot more than hirens, but I’m not having any luck creating a multiboot USB with F4UBCD, so far, I’ve been unable to find any instructions how to customize a multiboot USB w/ F4UBCD.
    I currently have a multiboot usb set up with hirens, spinrite, ophcrack, windows defender offline, win 7 pe, and a few other tools, but I’d prefer to use F4UBDC instead…..anyone know where I can find any instructions for this?

    • fluppyno

      does spinrite 6.0 work in your environment with large HDDs? I’m trying to make it work on a 2TB Seagate HDD, but I get the 5672 division by zero error after 25% of scanning… Please let me know 🙂 Thank you very much. S.

  • John Crow

    Every time I try to use Hiren’s Boot CD Dos tools, FreeDOS or Dr-DOS it gives me this error: “Unable to control A20 line”.

    Here’s the solution:

    Could you please fix this in the next version? Thank you in advance!

  • landran@yahoo.com

    I freakin LOVE F4UBCD. If I did computer repair for a living, I’d certainly send some appreciation your way. Since money is a problem for me, please accept my sincerest gratitude for your work. Just curious though, is there any headway into a windows 8 tweaked version for the future? or is it a little too early for that?

  • F4, is it okay with you if I/you go ask the Pendrivelinux guy(s) to add an option for your Ultimate Boot CD in “YUMI” and in “Universal USB Installer”?

    • Ok, well I figured you’d probably take some time to reply anyway so I took the liberty and went ahead in contacting Pendrivelinux to add support in Yumi for your boot CD.

      • lolol


      • VD

        Thank the pendrivelinux dudes. They’re osum.

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  • Mindwave

    I’m still having to keep an old falcon disk around for the xp recovery console which I routinely use to write a new MBR after a virus infection. (and vista recovery console) Am I overlooking a more efficient way to do this? I do realize there are a great many tools I have yet to f with.

  • John
  • Kyle

    I want to multiboot both Hiren’s and Falconfour’s on a USB because I find each have their advantages and disadvantages over the other, but this doesn’t seem to work with YUMI. any suggestions on how I can go about doing this?

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  • F1r3b4ll

    Great collection!
    Unfortunately I was not able to boot for Seagate’s SeaTools…
    I also would apreciate the inclusion of gparted as it is a great partitioning tool!

  • Saon

    Thanks so much.

  • maya

    very slow connection to get the iso file from torrent, add a good file host please.

  • VoidNoire

    Could you maybe add the TorBrowser in the next version? It would be useful for people trying to go on certain sites not allowed by their country and bypassing other internet restrictions.

  • Matthew Arntzen

    Only problem is doing a torrent from DropBox – all blocked by websense. Is there an easy way to grab an ISO? Anyone?

  • Sergi

    It would be nice, if only this minixp wasn’t completely empty. No utilities. Hows that?

    • falconfour

      Try it in another computer. Blank desktop means it couldn’t locate the BootCD after starting MiniXP, which in turn means it doesn’t support your storage controller (whatever the CD/DVD drive is plugged into, or a USB 3.0 port). Used to be a little text file it’d create on the desktop explaining that issue, but I might’ve slipped something up in v4.6…

      • Sergi

        Wow, thanks for your fast response. In fact I used Yumi for making a multibootable USB. Tried to boot directly from the stick and tru virtualbox portable with no success. No usb 3.0. It’s a new toshiba stick.
        Is there something can be made?

      • falconfour

        VirtualBox doesn’t work well with USB at all – getting USB to work right in VBox is one of the hardest things to get it to do. In general, USB 2.0 devices won’t show up at all (even if you tell it to connect one) if you don’t have some kind of extra add-on pack installed, and the host has to “give up” the device willingly, which it rarely does. I do my virtual testing with a virtual drive when I’m developing F4UBCD, but after it’s past that stage, I run it off USB on a real computer then create an ISO out of it.

        Of course, if you’re connecting the ISO to VirtualBox and not the USB drive, that should work perfectly. As for not finding the drive or showing a blank desktop, well… really not sure. The startup process looks for the file “F4UBCDMiniXPStart.cmd” on all attached drives and sets it to the first one it finds, so if you can see the drive from “My Computer” on the MiniXP desktop, it should be detected. If it isn’t there, then the drive isn’t mounted – which is really quite rare for it to do on most hardware… Can you give me more details on the hardware?

  • You can boot directly from a USB drive with VBox really easily! Use DavidB’s new Virtual Machine USb Boot utility.
    See Tutorial #4 here –
    and watch my YouTube Video.
    I use VMUB+VBox to test all my USB sticks – it’s fast and you can use a USB 3 port and USB 3 drive!
    The only time I have problems is when the software you are booting from looks for a USB drive or a ‘Removable’ drive – this fails because VBox virtualises the USB drive as a hard disk. Also the USB drive will always by hd0 (sda) under VBox when you boot from it. Apart from this, for 99% of things, VMUB+VBox is great!

  • Mohn Jadden

    Is anyone using F4UBCD with Easy2Boot? I’m able to boot into the MiniXP environment, but all of the utilities and tools are missing – I only have options for disk management, show drives, etc.

  • Paulo

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but where’s the guide to boot it from flashdrive?

    • falconfour

      Should be a “USB Instructions.txt” file in the torrent. Failing that, here’s the contents of that file:
      The process for making this into a bootable USB stick is much easier than in v4.5.

      Here’s the premise: there are two types of boot sectors that make something bootable:
      – An MBR (master boot record) is in the very first sector of the drive. Usually it just says “Boot the active partition’s PBR”. It contains a list of partitions, and points to the correct PBR to boot.
      – A PBR (partition boot record) is at the very start of the *partition* (not the disk) and contains the code that boots the system from that partition.

      A Flash drive (or other removable drive, e.g. an SD card) only has a PBR since it only contains one partition. To create an MBR (unnecessary), you would need to reformat the drive. You can get away with only using a PBR. Some Flash drives may be using an MBR as well – so we just need to check that.

      Here’s how you do it:

      (1) Use any flash drive. — YOU DO NOT HAVE TO REFORMAT IT. — NTFS or FAT32 will both work. FAT32 formatted with 16kb sectors is best for most Flash drives.
      (2) Extract the files from the ISO (do NOT copy the ISO itself) to your USB drive.
      — (You should have F4UBCD, HBCD, BOOT, etc. folders in the USB drive root.
      (3) On the USB drive, browse to HBCDWinTools and run BootICE.cmd.
      (4) In BootICE, SELECT YOUR FLASH DRIVE (important!) and do the following:
      — Click “Process MBR”. If it indicates “Unknown”, skip this part. Otherwise, verify that it’s set to “Windows NT 5.x/6.x MBR”. Install it if needed. You can’t really mess this up.
      — Click “Process PBR”. It will usually say “Unknown” here, but if it says NTLDR or BOOTMGR, it’s been formatted by Windows to run the Windows boot loader. We need to change this to GRUB4DOS. Select GRUB4DOS and click “Install/Config”. Use the default options.
      — Click “Parts Manage”. If any partitions are shown here, you’ve got an MBR (that’s OK). Select the partition and make sure it’s Active – if it is, “Activate” will be greyed out. Click it if needed, and hit Close.

      You’re done! You’ve now got a bootable F4UBCD Flash drive. No external tools needed! 🙂

      • Paulo

        Thank you. 🙂

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    No spinrite?