FalconFour’s Ultimate Boot CD v4.61 Patch

Find the real article here: https://falconfour.wordpress.com/2013/08/08/falconfours-ultimate-boot-cd-v4-61-patch/

(really just too lazy to keep this secondary site updated, so meh. Also too lazy to polish it into anything resembling usability, this skin is awful and messes everything up, but I’m not about to try rebuilding it. Sigh)

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  • Old MSgt

    Thanks, but some of us download on Linux systems so an integrated .iso would be welcome at your leisure.

  • peter123

    Is it possible to integrate network drivers in MiniXP because it doesn’t recognize neither my lan or wireless card?


  • A

    In the new iso created by the patcher, the following files have truncated names:

    F4UBCDSweeper_x64– Download updated definitions, save as mpam-fe.exe here.url –> — Download updated definit.ur

    F4UBCDSweeper_x86– Download updated definitions, save as mpam-fe.exe here.url –> — Download updated definit.ur




    I don’t know if this is important

    • falconfour

      Oh crap. Damn mkisofs. Damn mkisofs all to hell. >.< OK, I need to work on that in the next version. Thanks for the note! Those files aren't very necessary – unlikely anyone particularly cares about those, so it's not really a fire-under-my-butt to patch it. But I'll keep an eye on that in the next version. 🙂

  • chaco アクセサリー

  • Is there any way to get the plugin.inf included with EZPC fix

    • Bill

      I have found a way to do this, however, I can’t remake the ISO. I can make a bootable USB and add all kinds of stuff to it and it works great, however, if I try to make it into the ISO using the instructions in the readme.txt using ImgBurn I get an error every time. Even just using WinRAR to extract the base ISO to a folder and making the ISO without modifications gives me the same error. Any Ideas on what I can do different. The error is during MiniXP loading. It is “INF file txtsetup.sif is corrupt or missing. Status 18. Setup cannot continue. Press any key to exit.

      • falconfour

        Crappy! :/ The MiniXP loader is *VERY* touchy, and it falls apart at the slightest provocation. It’s case-sensitive in the file system, and that causes a ton of problems when it’s re-burned. You’d be amazed how much time I put into ironing out those bugs in the beta process. Then I have to go and make a patcher that tries to do it automatically on users’ own systems. Pfh! 😉

        Can’t tell exactly what problem causes that, though. “txtsetup.sif” is actually inside the “XP.WIM” file, but chances are the error is indicating some other file can’t be read – either because it’s supposed to be in a different case, or because the filesystem wasn’t built with Joliet (UDF can’t be used).

  • Cameron

    Anyone have a mirror? The Dropbox link is down.

    • Bill

      Try this http://www.ge.tt/9WEb7su/v/0?c I uploaded it here.. Not sure how long it will be live.

    • falconfour

      Dropbox is starting to really piss me off. >.<

      They don't give any information about which link caused me to go over my 20GB/day allocation (WTF?! How?!), but they say "paid" accounts have 200gb/day. So I upgraded. If it goes down again, Dropbox can eat a bouquet of cocks.

  • Hi, the link is dead : any chance to get another one ? Thank you in advance.

    • Bill

      Try this http://www.ge.tt/9WEb7su/v/0?c I uploaded it here.. Not sure how long it will be live.

      • Hi Bill, I’ve got it. Thank you for your support.

      • I am afraid not to understand the procedure to apply the patch : “then drag the v4.6 ISO onto the patcher EXE” : what does it mean ? I’ve tried to drag *.iso over the *.exe but nothing happens ?? Nobody can post the patched ISO instead of a patch I cannot use ? Thank you for any help.

      • falconfour

        Thanks Bill 🙂 It should be up again though.

        As for patching it, you’ve got to be using Windows of course. If you drag a file onto a program, Windows will run the program – but it’ll put the name of the file you dragged as the command-line parameter. I designed it to be easy to use that way, and so I didn’t have to go through presenting and verifying a “browse” box (though, with as much verification as I put into the parameter-checking, I may as well have just added a browser).

        If you can’t get it to work by drag-and-drop, you can do the same thing by running the patcher as follows:
        patch-exe-4.61-thingie.exe [path-to-4point6-iso]

        For example:
        patch-exe-4.61-thingie.exe c:usersfalcondesktopf4ubcd-46.iso

      • Hi falconfour, thank you for setting the record straight, command line has worked wonder. I’ve got my :
        13/10/2013 09:18 730 660 864 F4UBCD-4.6.iso
        18/10/2013 18:06 731 609 088 F4UBCD-4.61.iso

  • F4UBCD-4.61.iso can be found on FilePost:
    http://fp.io/4416516b, F4UBCD-4.61.part1.rar, 256 MB
    http://fp.io/e6em7d2f, F4UBCD-4.61.part2.rar, 256 MB
    http://fp.io/59594b3d, F4UBCD-4.61.part3.rar, 174.4 MB

    or Uploaded:

  • c0n5u1

    Please, Upload FalconFour’s Ultimate Boot CD v4.61 Patch

    • For the patch itself, see the post by Bill October 13, 2013 at 2:21 pm, the link is still alive. For the patched iso 4.61, see the previous post.

    • FalconFour’s_Ultimate_Boot_CD_v4.61.7z, 3.1 MB (patch 4.61 from Bill)

  • Maddy


    Some things I have encountered problems with and didn’t see any hotfixes yet. So this is for information to all of you and hopefully the next version will have these changes.
    Cannot find ccleaner.exe or defraggler.exe if opened from menu under (real) windows.
    The .cmd file is expecting the piriform pack to be .uha, it’s .7z
    The working command for ccleaner would be:
    @pushd “%~dp0″
    @7z.exe x -o”%TEMP%HBCD” -y FilesPiriform.7z c* w*
    @start “” /D”%TEMP%HBCD” “CCleaner.exe”
    and for defraggler:
    @pushd “%~dp0″
    @7z.exe x -o”%TEMP%HBCD” -y FilesPiriform.7z d*
    @REG ADD HKCUSoftwarePiriformDefraggler /v UpdateCheck /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f
    @start “” /D”%TEMP%HBCD” “Defraggler.exe”

    Actually the updatecheck can be left out and a temp cleanup would be nice thing to add. I’ll probably add it to my cmd-s later, if i have enough time to customize the bootcd.
    Cannot use KonBoot if booting F4UBCD from USB.
    Just add find –set-root /HBCD/Boot/konboot.gz to the beginning of konboot entry in menu-lst.
    I also deleted map –floppies=1.
    Would be good to add this as an extra menu option for universal iso.
    One other thing that’s unconvenient – to open hbcdmenu under windows (which i do a lot), because almost always the autorun is disabled by system. A little shortcut under root should do the trick.

    A little question too. How did you make the image for HBCD dos tools? I would like to use a more recent one for my bootusb.

    Thank You, Falcon, for making this ultimate swiss army knife of IT technicians possible! I know You probably have only a little time to dedicate for this project.

  • Iastor

    I updated the patch, but still having BSOD.

    File: IASTOR7.SYS

    What’s the issue here?

  • i am also having bsod when launching minixp

  • I burned v4.61 to a disc, and receive the BSOD pointing to IASTOR7.SYS as mentioned. Laptop: Dell Inspiron 5520, Windows 7 operating system.

    When trying to boot from a usb prepared with RmprepUSB, the windows startup begins loading, then it goes to a grey screen permanently.

    • Kazan

      Got the same on new HP Pro 600 workstation with Win7 x64.

      • Kazan

        Sorry, I’ve mixed everything. My fault.
        So, what I’ve got is:
        1) HP Pro 4300 – BSOD with IASTOR7.sys
        2) HP Pro 4300 but different PC – all is fine.
        3) HP Pro 600 G1 – miniXP starts but then you can’t see any hard drives so not even possible to restore ghost img. Also miniXP can’t see network card.

        Would be great if you could help. Maybe it’s time for mini Win7 😉

  • Hello,

    i want to download the file but can’t now

    temporary error


  • Great program. Hopefully the next addition is some USB 3.0 drivers. I’ve been completely stuck on some laptops that ONLY had USB3.0.

    How can I submit a program for you to consider adding to the package? It’s a 70KB backup program that I had custom written and think you’ll really like it.

  • sorrythatusernamealreadyexistedhowabouthisone

    On my usb drive everything works exept to boot MSdart and RIP linux. Anybody know why? I used the patcher on my 4.6 iso but now I am downloading the 4.61 iso.

    MSdart always reboots every system and RIP loads a little bit of linux and then hangs.


  • snoopen

    BSOD with patched version too on a fairly new laptop

  • Billy

    Somehow I lost the one working ISO I had customized so I am starting from scratch. Unfortionatly the only way I have been able to mod this was on a Linux box. No matter what I try, if I edit it, or try to rebuild it in windows it causes it to crash. Did you by chance fix the missing EZPC Fix file. Thanks for all the work you do.

    • Billy

      Ill add this in here too… I have a temp linux box, and using ISO Master I am able to edit the ISO to add things, and it all works. The only issue I am having is that once you get the PXE message it takes almost 5 minutes for it to goto the menu.

      • Billy

        Just figured it out, at least for me. In the modification tutorial, when you discuss the burn setting for ImgBurn, you said to use ISO9660+UDF, however anytime I do that I get a disc that errors out. If I change it to just ISO9660, then I get a working disc. Thanks for all your work

  • dave

    but where is gparted, a great partitoning tool !!!

  • dany

    thanx to give us the torrent file for F4UBCD v4.61

  • mitch

    can you add paragon tools or partitionguru inside this ISO ? thanx

  • obama

    can you add another screenshots to see what’s inside your F4UBCD bootcd, in your website.

  • Frustrated

    Okay, this is REALLY frustrating. I’ve wasted two days and a lot of bandwidth with this and I still have nothing to show for it. The patch to 4.61 doesn’t work. It kicks out errors of “unsupported compression method” and produces 0 byte files. Downloaded it 4 times with the same result.

    Can’t download the full 4.61 iso as the Mega site seems to require installing some stupid browser extension to download it and I have absolutely NO intention of doing that.

    So here’s a thought. Why not do everyone a huge favor and replace the outdated 4.6 torrent with one for the up to date 4.61 instead of all of this monkeying around with patches. The way it is now I have little, if no confidence that this “so-called” ultimate boot cd even works based on how poorly the download process has been implemented. I don’t have any such problems with any of the other Rescue CD’s like Trinity, Hirens, System Rescue, the other Ultimate Rescue CD, etc., only yours. So unless you did a considerably better job of coding the actual CD than you did the patch or the download process it doesn’t look like this is worth the time or effort.

    • falconfour

      Note that it seems to work for everyone else… And Mega does not require any stupid browser extensions, it’s pure HTML 5. The patcher just integrates the files and rebuilds an ISO, so if you have trouble running it, there’s a good chance you’re doing it wrong.

      In the end, 4.61 just patches some of the BSOD errors people get in MiniXP, and loading it on a USB flash drive works just as well if you replace F4UBCDMiniXPStart.cmd with the one in the patch. Of course if you can’t extract the ISO you have for 4.6, then, duh, you have a bad download.

      • Frustrated

        I have no problem extracting the ISO, but I don’t understand what that has to do with anything. The instructions state to extract the patch, not the ISO file and it’s the PATCH that gives the errors of unsupported compression method which makes it impossible to run the patcher. Sincer I have absolutely NO problems decompressing other archives (and I do this a lot) I know that that problem isn’t with me, it’s with the archive itself. 7-Zip is more than capable of handling 7z files as that is it’s native compression format. But just maybe the problem is that the archive requires some other decompression program. Care to tell us what program you created the archive in? That might tell us something about what the problem actually is.

        As for Mega, I can assure you that it throws up a windows requiring the installation of their extension to download the file in Firefox. If you don’t install the extension it does NOT download the file. Here is a screenshot of the message exactly as it appears. http://i191.photobucket.com/albums/z257/mrnovi/Mega.jpg

        I was finally able to download the 4.61 ISO from there, but I was forced to do so on a computer with Internet Exploder, something I try to avoid using.

        I’ve been on the internet since the mid 1970’s when it was still the Arpanet so I’m not some newcomer to all of this. I may not be a programmer, but I know full well how to download from the net and extract archives. I did it when everything was done using a command line nearly a decade before a GUI was even dreamed of. I used tools like Archie, Veronica, Gopher, Lynx, and other forgotten tools long before there was anything even remotely like a browser so don’t even try to say I don’t know what I’m doing.

  • dolly

    torrent file for getting the iso v4.61 please.

  • Private

    Mega seems shady to me. Anything that insists I need to install an addon to download a file over 1GB, When the file is under 1GB just seems wrong.

    • Frustrated


      • reazul

        can’t use my download manager on mega , can i download it from any other download server?

  • I can assure you the download from mega is safe. Just downloaded the 7-zip file, which contains the iso and some notepad files. Burned to disc perfectly.

  • Whatsleft

    Did any one get dart 6.5 to work?
    I’ve tried this disc a couple of times….a little shaky.

  • Games1

    Hello Mr. Falconfour

    thank you very much for great BootCD. Can you put in next release a old inSSIDer Version in the MiniXP?

  • Joe The Sor

    Mega is blocked in Italy (and I can’t see a way to download the file via proxy, it would take a lot of time) and a lot of torrent trackers are also blocked, so finding a torrent site with reliable stuff is terrible.

    Can you find a better place to host the file?


    • I own a website with unlimited hosting space and am willing to give anybody their own FTP account who needs it. And/or I would be more than willing to host a dedicated mirror for FFUBCD. My site has great download speeds as well. Email me at PCcloud9@gmail.com if you need hosting space.

  • Konrad

    The patch failed AVG detected a virus Crypt2.ckqd f4ubcd-46hbcdwintoolseasyuha.exe

  • Konrad

    Upon running scan on the burned iso a second trojan was located by AVG.

    • If it’s a heuristic scan then it’s most probably a false positive. Please verify the detection with a service such as https://www.virustotal.com/ as it will check the file against multiple antivirus softwares. As far as I can see easyuha.exe is not a threat at all.

    • falconfour

      Let me guess, F4UBCDNirsoftNirsoft.uha? Yeah, I had the Nirsoft tools packed with Hiren’s UHA format to try to head off those exact kinds of false positives. If you look up the name of those “trojans” or other detections, you’ll likely find that they’re detecting *tools* that are commonly used by malicious software, e.g. password stealers, keyloggers. Seeing as though you’re scanning a *tool*-kit… well… 😉 It’s up to you how you want to use those tools (though I’d definitely prefer it was kept legit, I can’t control how you use them).

      If you find a legit trojan, though, I’d love to know where you downloaded it from, and know that the official distro (on KickassTorrents and Pirate Bay) certainly doesn’t have that kind of crap in it.

  • Is this you?


    For some reason I didn’t think so…

    Whoever upped it just copy/pasted your words from here (that’s how I found this site by Googling a couple of sentences from the description).

    I wanted to get the ISO from the source (you) because I figure it’d be pretty easy for some shady prick to slip something nasty on there…

  • Frustrated

    Jay, I downloaded the ISO from your link and the MD5 hash it generates is the same as the MD5 of the ISO from Mega. It does NOT match the MD5 of the ISO that was created when I ran the patch on 4.6 though. Not sure what that tells you, but it’s all I know at this point.

    • falconfour

      The patch rebuilds a new ISO, so some metadata in the file will always be unique to your build. But no, that’s not my torrent (just posted a comment on there regarding that). If the MD5 matches the one from Mega, though… that’s legit then. I hate it when people repost someone else’s stuff without even noting the source or anything… :/

  • Ben Hooper

    DaRT 32-bit and 64-bit seems to be broken on 4.6 and 4.6.1.

  • Gladys Faulk

    is there any place we can order this CD?



  • wildwestgoh

    Hi, can this boot using EFI?
    And erm, can I boot this from USB pendrive?
    Thanks lots for answering.

  • Wally

    I am still getting the iastor7.sys BSOD with 4.61. Any way to completely disable power management? I don’t plan on diagnosing/repairing many computers on the go.

  • All links seem to be dead except the one I’m hosting. Hope to see an update soon/eventually!


  • Rad Mack

    thx indeed Adam G. the only one that worked – hope it works Cyber War on Patriots! Armageddon IT

  • Taylor Cox

    Thanks Adam G.

  • shak

    The link won’t work, can you please update

  • Brad

    The full v4.61 ISO download link on Mega is no longer available. However, it is still available through your old website on WordPress – https://falconfour.wordpress.com/category/bootcd/

  • Alan

    My i5 Asus notebook won’t boot 4.61. Comes up with an error about iastor7.sys and dies. This was reported on F4UBCD site in 2014! Is this whole project dead?

  • Alex Summers

    This needs to be in a torrent, freakin hate the slowness of Megashitload

  • x2z

    IS this still being developed?

  • Juan Manuel Martinez

    Death link