FalconFour’s Ultimate Boot CD/USB 4.0

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Behold, it has arrived. F4UBCD 4.0, the latest version of the latest and greatest utilities. Out of the magical mysteries of corporate politics comes, at long last, the most up-to-date version of the BootCD in existence. I’ll let the readme and NFO files take it from here…

I’ve put a good amount of work and thought into creating and refining this new version, and it’s always rewarding to see people actually using it. I’ve completely rebuilt the whole thing from scratch, starting with Hiren’s BootCD 10.6 (which this collection is built on), and building everything out around it in such a way as to allow less experienced (but still knowledgable!) users to easily add and modify the tools in the set, so that things aren’t “baked into” the disc the way the HBCD tools are – good luck modifying a UHA archive! So I set out to make the F4UBCD flexible, starting with just a tweak here, a line there, and a whole boatload of batch code.

And, it bears repeating:

Warning: This disc is not an autofix tool. It is intended to be used by (potentially underpaid) computer repair professionals. It can be used to cause data loss as well as other “not good” things. However, it is designed to recover data & restore working order to PCs. It can also serve as an excellent learning resource. Please exercise sanity & caution using this disc.

On the Disc…

  • Hiren’s BootCD 10.6 minus Linux and a few others.
    Plus F4UBCD tweaks & addons:

    • ImgBurn
    • Active File Recovery
    • CCleaner 2.34 with PE extension
    • HD Tune Pro 4.50 Trial
    • Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder 2.0.8
    • MyDefrag 4.3.1 w/ FalconFour’s FullOptimize script
    • NirSoft utilities collection current as of 7/28/10
    • RegEditPE 1.0c (Beta with some adjustments for cleaner operation)
    • ServicesPE
    • Super Pi 1.5 Mod
    • TreeSize Personal v5.3.4
    • SpinRite 6.0 (under Hard Disk Tools)
  • ERD Commander / Microsoft DaRT 5.0 (WinXP)
  • MS DaRT 6.0 (Vista)
  • Dell MBR Recovery Disk
  • Memtest86+ 4.10
  • Kon-Boot 1.1
  • Shiny graphics that make you feel good

Now playing at a friendly torrent site near you. As usual, jfgi.

MD5 hashes:
F4UBCD-4.0.7z : 2D5681A0EDC6D14686016ABC79EFDACD
F4UBCD-4.0.ISO: 3E70F4B9F26B689A4F41F8812AFC07F5
f4ubcd.4.0.micro.iso: D102CFF01EA479D988C1B4578E1563C1

  • James

    Great CD, improves on the already great Hiren Boot CD. Virtually everything I need on one toolkit CD.


    • Joe

      Another job well done. I have been having an issue ever since hiren 9.9 the network support will not work on my dell min 1010. Just hangs when it to kick start the network drivers.

      Anyone have any suggestions that may fix that?

  • Chuck

    Awesome work, been waiting on 4.0 release. Is it possible to swap out the DaRT 6.0 with the DaRT 2010 Refresh?

    • falconfour


      There’s a DaRT 2010 refresh? wtf. Yeah, I thought M$ stopped doing anything with DaRT since they even pulled DaRT 6.0 from the site…

      Guess I’ve got some Googling to do (unless you know a better link!)

      • Chuck

        My apologies! The whole MDOP was refreshed 3/31/2010. However, the latest version of DaRT (in the MDOP) is still 6.5.

  • Chuck
    • falconfour

      Awh, geez! Guess that’s what I get for not being rich enough (or working for a company responsible enough) to have an MSDN subscription… =P

      Thanks for the heads up! I think I’ll get to work on a refreshed version soon – I may have just found a rather show-stopping bug in CCleaner PE I need to fix – it has a tendency to delete start menu and desktop shortcuts… OOPS!

  • Chuck

    Send me a quick email?

  • how are you?master.

    i am korean & my english is limit.

    i need help. please!help me.

    how can i make (falconfour4.0) bootting from usb?

    have great day.

  • Joe

    Just a quick comment. In the Army and always work on PCs it seems and currently trying to fix a bad boot sector of an old XP box and stumbled upon your program. To bad I can’t download it at work but I was just wondering if you’d recommend the full or micro version to do simple task ie unbootable, forgotten admin password, and just annoyances.


    • falconfour

      Sweet!! Can’t believe I can help out an Army guy, that’s awesome. Well, if you’re just looking to recover data, the Micro version has all of MiniXP on it, so it should work fine to copy usable files to a Flash drive (might want to load Unstoppable Copier onto your Flash drive first, and use that – or get a copy of Active File Recovery Portable).

      If it would help to put it up on an HTTP download, I can do that too and email you the link 🙂

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  • Joe

    No it’s ok. I only get around 20k down at work so I’m doing it at home. I think I’m going to do a full and mini version. I have never dabbled with this stuff before so there will be a learning curve. Currently was working with another, older, recovery disk that confused me so I’ll be using my trusty pal google a lot when I have issues.

    I know a lot of our IT guys run ERD to bypass passwords and a few other tools you have. I use a few of the others to monitor my system on occasion too. I do like your list since it’s pretty much a one stop shop for all your IT needs.

  • Arun

    Tried the USB Kit to install the same om USB drive but received the following message –

    Error: cannot find GRLDR in all drive. CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart …

    Any help on this

    Thankx in advance

    • falconfour

      That happens when “grldr” wasn’t copied to the root of any drive – either that, or the boot loader was unable to locate the USB drive in the BIOS drive table (rather unlikely). First I’d suggest checking that “grldr” (and of course menu.lst) was actually copied to the Flash drive. Otherwise, with that failing, have you tried the destructive reloading method mentioned in the USB readme?

  • PeterV

    Hello, it’s not allowed at uni to use torrent-downloads. Could you please refer me to a trustworthy HTML- or FTP-download-site so to get your Ultimate Boot CD/USB?

    Kind regards,


    • falconfour

      Well, you might notice I didn’t even actually link to the torrent here either… I’m going off Hiren’s example of “talk but don’t link”, I’m guessing he knows something I don’t 😉 And HTTP download is horribly, painfully inefficient (and greedy) – it would take some 3 or 4 hours of my internet connection doing nothing but serving *your* download in order for me to post it as an HTTP download. 🙁

      Perhaps you can get some help from someone on some rapidshare forum or something… I dunno. Maybe you can just hit a Starbucks or McDonald’s, download it over their free WiFi, and get it that way?

      • Joe

        Well I’m running it now at work since I downloaded it at home. Currently trying to figure out how to work around a computer that has a HDD password on it now while saving the data.

    • falconfour

      Awwhh… geez. HDD passwords are pretty much unbreakable. If you forgot the password, you’re… pretty much screwed unless you can find a way to remember it! I think even switching the controller PCB on the bottom of the drive isn’t gonna help. Getting the master password will only let you erase the drive to get it working again… but without the password, there is no data. That’s why it’s called a “Password” and “Security”… HDD passwords are probably the single strongest measure you can use for security! =

  • asd

    hey, good work, possibly the best cd of its kind. but:

    for me, some apps dont work
    for me, there are enough drivers missing that it is a hassle to use. I still need many other individual tools.
    I forget what else, but I still use digiwiz from 2005 as my best windows boot cd.

    instructions to write to USB
    instructions to integrate driver packs.

    the hassle is getting old for me. I want to remove hassle. I am so tired of waiting for slow hard drives with bad drivers. so tired of waiting for cds and dvds. I want to strangle the future and bend it to my will

    • falconfour

      “possibly the best cd of its kind” – pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

      Look dude, driver support is 95% in there on this disc, covering at least 95% of the available PCs out there. Just because your system doesn’t fit in the 5% (probably because you’ve got an nVidia chipset or a RAID setup) doesn’t mean it needs MOAR DRIVARS.

      CD booting never will be an exact art. It’s not a working PC OS, it never will be “boot-and-work for all PCs”. It’s a miracle it actually works as well as it does, considering the nature of Windows is to exist on *ONE* piece of hardware and never switch. I think we all owe Hiren a hell of a thanks for the work he’s put into it.

      And on that note, there IS NO WAY to add drivers hard-coded to the BootCD. You can add drivers on a boot-by-boot basis with F6, but that’s about it. If that doesn’t work, that’s why the Vista ERD is on there, so you can boot that and load drivers from USB or whatever, then run tools and etc. Worked great for me in the server room on an HP RAID when MiniXP wouldn’t boot.

      I know I’m just “feedan the troll” here but it’s still fun. 😉

      • falconfour

        Oh, and the reason driver support will never be 100% is because getting to 95% is a reasonable expectation considering most systems work fine with iastor.sys, and the others work fine with pciide.sys. Piecing apart all the systems in that remaining 5% would so massively inflate the MiniXP image and cause the system to become about as unstable as UBCD4Win/BartPE. And who the hell wants that?

    • falconfour

      Oh, and the instructions for loading it to USB are in the torrent. Just look more than 2 feet in front of your nose and you’ll find it.

  • sdfkl

    hello, there is a new hiren’s out. if you produce another product, please consider a usb version with full windows drivers. I had much trouble with using this dick with no drivers. and some applications were faulty. but it is very good anyway thank you. please to be more next time

  • sdfkl

    also I just looked hard but couldn’t see how to make it work with systemrescuecd or ubcd isos added to your boot menu ;(

  • nard

    Will this program let me run ERD commander from a usb flash drive? I have a mini netbook I’m trying to run ERD commander on, but the mini netbook doesnt have cd drive.

    • falconfour

      It should 🙂 Just use the USB Kit tools to load it.

      • nard

        I followed the instructions on the usb kit. ERD commander boots from USB, but under the option to select Windows installation to repair nothing is showing. I’m trying to run this on an HP Mini 311 which has Win XP.

        I ran ran the program on another laptop which has Vista and the Vista OS was detected. So it appears I did everything right.

    • falconfour

      A key piece of information is missing from your technical knowledge repertoire.

      In order to access a computer’s hard drive… it needs to have a driver installed and loaded for the computer’s hard drive controller.

      So on the XP system, ERD doesn’t have a capable driver to recognize your OS hard drive. That’s why it worked on the Vista system – a completely different computer – but not the XP one.

      If you try using MiniXP instead, it’ll likely have a driver. MiniXP has much more hardware support than ERD does. If you must use ERD, try disabling AHCI mode in the BIOS (but ABSOLUTELY REMEMBER to turn it back on before booting from the HDD again!).

    • falconfour

      p.s.: You did do everything right 🙂

      • nard

        The HP Mini 311 BIOS is insydeh20 and there isn’t an option to disable AHCI.

        Is there anyway for me to get the needed drivers to load in erd commander?

        I had deleted a virus offf the HP Mini which lead to some important system32 files being deleted. So now the HP mini is stuck in a constant rebooting loop. I need ERD to repair xp system files and fix/edit registry settings.

  • FF,
    I would like to get a hold of your boot disk but not doing torrents and every site I tried to download it from wants me to register…Can I get a hold of it from you somehow? I have had a increase in computer repairs the last couple weeks and want as many tools in the kit as possible. I have Hirens and the Ultimate and want yours for testing….Roy

  • FF,
    This post on Google Search bothered me!

    • I downloaded Falcon Four CD v.2 from uTorrant and I
      burned the .iso to cd and my anti-virus found a Trojan and 2 suspicious files. I understand that a lot of programs might be identified as such.I would prefer a direct download with MD5 hash…etc
      If I can get some clean ISO’s I can host them for download on one of my 100 .coms

  • FF,
    Yes…I realize V2 is a older build. I don’t mind looking at all the boot disk builds..Some of the older builds work on the older computers better. I have V4 on the way from fileserve. It is letting me download without registering……

  • FF,
    Been using V4 and it rocks…I have been using Parted Magic and V4 constantly now…It is a real winner! A Tech’s dream boot disk! Thanks for the compilation!

  • jr2

    I have a suggestion for the UBCD / Micro UBCD:

    PLoP ( http://www.plop.at – more specifically, here:

    http://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager.html#noinstall )

    It is a tiny bootloader that lets you boot from just about any partition, the floppy drive, the cd drive, a usb device, and I believe currently he is working on network booting as well. It takes a little upwards of 43K, however, the ISO is a floppy image that is 1.4 MB. I think you may find this useful; I certainly hope so! Thanks for the great tool!

  • Dave

    This is the best disc compilation since the 05 Digiwin! Nice work, nice disc. I can’t thank you enough for your hard work and dedication to this project. I know how long it takes to make even a small PE tech disk and it takes far too long. :-p
    Arte et Marte!

    • falconfour

      Thanks! Glad you like it… if you want to help, help by spreading the word about it. I don’t do forums much so the only “advertising” I ever do about this disc is posting it here… 🙂

  • Michaelgal

    First off, i wanted to say amazing job. This is the best compilation of utilities around. I’ve tried many other multiboots and this is by far the top contender.

    I have been doing some customization to the image, which is pretty awesome. This is my first time attempting this kind of stuff and its working out great. My question tho is if there is any way i can change the background pic, for personal use of course. I’ve tried replacing the .bg.xpm.gz with another file of the same name, and tried pointing the menu.lst to a different location. Everytime i get past the pxe boot screen and then i just get a blinking _.

    What am i doing wrong? I would love to learn more about how to customize this disk. Maybe figure out how to point a link to another .iso in the main menu so i can make an ultimate usb 🙂

    Amazing work!


    • falconfour

      Hey there! Thanks for the comment! Glad to know someone’s making use of the customization.

      The problem with the blinking _ isn’t caused by the background, but rather by not quite doing the bootloader right. You can’t just extract the boot image (4k) and re-inject it to the new image. When you rebuild the image, or the CD, you have to use “grldr” as the boot image, even though it’s way too big. It overflows and while only the first 2k/4k/whatever is read, that chains to the rest of the file and reads from there. If it only gets the first 2k/4k/etc as the boot image, then garbage, it won’t load.

      Of course the bg.xpm.gz file must actually be a 15-color XPM file as well. There was a tutorial somewhere about how to make a Grub4DOS background image using ImageMagick, somewhere, but I don’t have it on hand. Google 😉 But I think it has to be 15 colors to work, hence the simple design I used there…

    • falconfour

      Also, as well as a guide to customization, there’s also a guide to installing F4UBCD on a USB stick as well, in the torrent. 😉

    • Amadeus

      Hi, I’ve just downloaded the latest ISO and I wanted to boot it over pxe.
      Could you show me which entry to put in the pxe-menu ?


  • Michaelgal

    I got it to install on the usb flawlessly, customization to the menu.lst/some apps included. The image change is the only problem ive had. I made an image with 2 colors, black and white, so i dont think its past the color limit heh. i’ll look into that grldr edit though. thanks!

  • Michaelgal

    maybe i read that wrong, does it have to be a 15 color xpm? or can it be less. im going to look up that imagemagick suggestion now :p

    • falconfour

      I think it’s 15 or 14, probably 14. Save as 24-bit BMP then use ImageMagick Convert to convert from BMP to XPM.

      Doesn’t have to be all 14 colors, probably many less like 2 would work fine. Just save as 24-bit BMP first, then convert. If you save as 8-bit BMP it gets all screwed up, last time I tried…

  • Is there a user/help forum for Falcon Four? Someplace where one can go and ask some questions on system recovery using F4’s menu of tools and utils?


    • falconfour

      Not yet, though I think I might make one considering how many comments I’m getting here 😉

      • OK, fine – appreciate the reply and hope you’ll be able to consider it. I know running a forum requires time and effort (a lot of it!) Perhaps a few other experts would pitch in. I’m too much of a novice to undertake such a thing.

        However, let me add to the other accolades seen here. F4 is an absolute super-winner! Can’t be beaten…


  • Craig Curtin

    Great CD thanks. You are right that in most cases the drivers you have integrated are hitting about 95% of systems i have tried it on. The one killer for me is that i use an old BartsPE to Ghost servers (HP and Dell remotely)

    As your CD is based on XP not Server it has no Dell PERC, HP SCSI drivers or LSI Logic (which then works when using in a VMWare VM)

    Is there any chance of integrating these drivers in your V5 release to make this the perfect BartsPE replacement ?



    • Jordan

      I second Craig’s request! 🙂

      I’ve used this util a couple of times at home and have found it to be AMAZING! (Ya, that good!)

      But at the moment I’m having a hell of a time getting something to work with Dell’s PERC S100 controller. A mechanism to either load custom controller drivers, or embedding them would be a fantastic edition.

      Thanks for all of your fantastic hard work!

      – J

  • Martin

    This rocks, simple as that. Thank you for this!

    You may want to recommend people to a gem of a program called Unetbootin (it is on Source Forge or just Google it) if they are having trouble setting this up as a live USB. It is the best program I have encountered for setting up a live USB.

  • Linda Svenson

    hs, ha, Hiren (whose work you stole …. eeer ‘quoted’,) is about as anti-militaristic as they come!

    A typical peace-loving pacifist, military/soldiers/etc/love to beat the crap out of, cos they don’t fight back …. 😉 🙂

    Im laughing my ass off here,

  • That Guy

    I have been playing around with this lately and it is the best cd of it’s kind. I have been around a long time and would not say that easily. Two thumbs up!!
    I can’t wait for an update.

  • Hey Falcon

    I have to say that I’ve been using your boot cd/usb for a long time and I must say that it’s the best!!
    Thank you for all the time that you’ve spent building it.


  • stmp

    hi, thanks for the great utilities. I have a problem, however, that no one else seems to have. Both Hiren options fail to load programs if I use the Grub4DOS entries to return to the main Hiren menu. Have I downloaded a bad image? Is no one else using the Hiren options? Has everyone else just fixed the problem themselves? I’m just learning how to work with bootloaders and such so am not really able to fix this without a heads up…
    Any suggestions?

    • falconfour

      Eh, nah, it’s not just you. If you go into the Hiren’s DOS menu, then go back to Grub4DOS main menu, it loads the wrong menu file (probably because of Hiren’s modifications to the Grub4DOS loader in the DOS side). So, that’s a known bug that should be fixed with 4.5. I hadn’t heard of anyone running into it yet, so… 🙂

    • falconfour

      This is now fixed in F4UBCD 4.5, still in development and hopefully released within a week or two. 🙂

  • joab

    First of all, I wanna thanks the authors for this great tools. I wanna add entry for my Win7 installer. I’ve copied to WIN7 dir the installer. Now my question is how can I add entry in the menu.lst? I’ve tried adding “find –set-root /WIN7/bootmgr chainloader /WIN7/bootmgr” but id didn’t work. Tnx in advance 🙂

    • falconfour

      Unfortunately the Vista/7 bootloader has the “BOOT” folder name hardcoded. That’s why, despite the misnomer, I had to leave the folder named “BOOT” in there. Basically you’ll have to familiarize yourself with the “BCD” boot data store, and the “bcdedit” command-line utility. You’ll have to merge the boot configuration for the Win7 setup into the config for the ERD 6. Then, you’d change the entry for “ERD 6” into “ERD 6 / Windows 7 Setup” and make the secondary selection in the Windows bootloader menu.

      Personally, when I added Windows 7 setup to my USB stick, I just swapped out the BOOT and SOURCES folders for ERD and Win7, and added the other directories to the root of the drive (with the setup data). Then I select ERD 6.0 to start Win7 setup 😉

      • joab

        That was brilliant! Tnx for the quick reply. I did follow your 2nd approach which is much easier for me and I think it works! I deleted the original content of BOOT folder and copied all the Win7 installer to the root dir. I’m not sure if I understand it correctly but it seems like it works! Now, I have TinyXP and I want to add it to the list. How do I achieved that if you don’t mind? This would make it perfect USB handy tools for me once I’ve added XP installer. I have toolkits, Win7 Installer, and Win XP Inst. Again tnx so much, your brilliant my friend 🙂

  • Hey there, really looking forward to using this tool. But I’m having some issues…

    I’ve formatted my 2GB CHIPSBNK v3.3.8.8 USB Drive to FAT32 (like mentioned in the readme), and when I run grubinst_gui.exe and select my UFD and the Verbose output checkbox, then run it, here’s what I get:

    Start sector: 0
    Image type: FAT32
    grubinst: Should be a disk image
    Press to continue …

    (pressing enter results in the window closing.)

    So then I figured I needed to wipe it with Diskpart… the only issue is that when I “list disk”, the flash drive doesn’t show up in the list.

    Is there something I’m missing that should be obvious?

    Any help is appreciated… ~Camo

    • falconfour

      That seems really strange. It’s just a regular flash drive? I’ve gotta wonder, what’s the version number (v3.3.8.8) signify, is that part of the drive model?

      Any disk in the system should show up in diskpart’s “list disk”… it’s very strange that it wouldn’t. Go to Device Manager, and “show devices by connection”, then expand the tree (along a PCI bus) until you get a USB controller, pick the USB controller with your flash drive attached (poke through randomly), and expand all the way down to the bottom of the device chain for your flash drive. Does it end in a disk drive device, or something else? It should be “USB Mass Storage Device” then immediately followed by a disk drive device. If not, it may be some kinda pseudo-removable-drive that won’t work for booting… :/

      • I used the BootIt Lexar Utility so now it appears as a Hard Disk rather than a Removable Drive…

        I’m gonna reset it back to a removable drive and wipe the drive with Disk Wipe, and start from scratch.

        Will post back here when that’s all done. O_o’

      • Ok, so Disk Wipe crapped out on me. So instead I used Check Flash’s Full Erash mode, which kills the Partition table, Boot Sectors, Filesystem, EVERYTHING.

        Then I’ll initialize and format it to FAT32 it with Window’s Disk Management utility.

        Thanks for being so patient with me. 🙂

      • At this point I just said screw it, I’ll burn it to a CD when I get my desktop working again. 😛

        Either way, I’m totally using this if it works. And I thought BartPE was cool…

  • sean

    i love v.4… totally rocks man…cheers… only one thing… i burned it to a cd and it doesn’t boot up to show the screen which allows u to choose the options…starts up in a cmd mood… how do i go around this??? to get it to work as though it was on a usb drive????

    • falconfour

      Well, working “as though it was on a USB drive” would be about as reliable as it seems to be working now 😉 USB drive booting is really hit or miss, and can only ever optimally be as reliable as booting from a CD!

      That said, CD booting is the de-facto standard for reliably booting… what program did you burn it with? If the disc is booting, but dropping you at a command line, there are only a few things that could be going wrong: either it can’t find the menu file on the disc, or it can no longer find the CD drive. If it can’t find the menu file on the disc, your disc may be damaged, or the burning software you used might’ve screwed with the capitalization of the filenames (MENU.LST is not the same as menu.lst). If it can’t find the CD drive, it may well be that your motherboard uses a glitchy, non-standard ATA implementation, and the loader can’t find the disc 🙁

      To fix the can’t-find-the-menu problem, use ImgBurn (beware of the crapware/ask installer!), re-burn the disc, on a clean disc – DO NOT grab the blank disc by the faces… grab it by the edges! I see a lot of people doing that – blank discs are very sensitive! Burn it at a slow speed like 16x to make sure it burns properly – the faster it burns, the worse job it does. That will ensure you have a proper copy 🙂

      To fix the can’t-find-CD-drive problem… well, try looking in the BIOS for SATA controller mode. Try temporarily switching it from AHCI mode (a good thing, always use that mode whenever you can!) to IDE or Legacy mode. Remember to switch it back when you’re done. Or try it in another computer… if it works in another computer, it’s something with the configuration of that system…

      • sean

        many thanks once more… i figured out what was wrong. i used a different program to burn the cd, it didn’t work… then tried imgburn,still did the same thing… when starting up the pc, and u allow to boot from cd/dvd rom, a message shows up about missing menu list, then if u are good, you try using the keyboard to find your way around… the problem was that i was using an older version of imgburn, jus did an upgrade, then after selecting build from the menu… then after you just follow the read me file on the iso then bammm your good to go… my problem originated from not knowing that the iso boots from the grldr file… once u understand that, you’re pretty much good to go… much thanks once again… waiting for the upgrades… i’ll be more than happy to test it out as i am dealing with numerous operating systems etc… much thanks…

  • Gene Rye

    Where can I get the download for Falcon4UBCD?
    I don’t see a website posted.

    • falconfour

      Well, this blog post is really meant to be a reverse-reference… you find the disc first, then you find the blog post about it. As I said at the bottom, “jfgi“. You’ll find the official release on thepiratebay.org 🙂

  • Hey there, I burned a copy on a CD and I say I have reached Nirvana with this CD.


    One downside: DBAN via Hiren’s doesn’t work… I burned onto a Memorex 700MB CD-R, Using ImgBurn, on the slowest speed my Sony DVD+-RW supports (4x) I didn’t get any errors at all and everything else works, but I can’t use DBAN. Attempting to boot on the following system causes the system to restart.

    2.6Ghz Pentium 4 HT
    1.5GB 333Mhz DDR RAM (2x 512MB, 2x 256MB)
    160GB Seagate SATA1 HDD

    It’s a Gateway E series with the door on the front of it that flips up if you want to see the floppy/CD drives… I’ll get you model name soon.

    Simply, it reboots as soon as I choose the tool. Funny thing is it doesn’t even ask me for keyboard layout, CD-ROM driver, etc. It just simply reboots.

    But hats off to you, FF. Can’t wait to see the new version too! Sounds awesome!

    For anyone else listening: I’m willing to send you the ISO if you can’t torrent it for some reason… you can find my email on my website. 😉

  • pumpkiin

    Hey ƒƒ4, keep up the good work 🙂
    I understand your position & Hiren’s about links etc… But to give us some peace of mind, could you please at least publish the checksums so we can check the integrity of your work?

    • pumpkiin

      Sorry, I need to clarify that I meant the CD’s hash calc and not all the apps in it because that would be really stupid 😉

      • falconfour

        Good point. Done and done! (see updated post)

  • James

    Hi there, brilliant CD, just about to get Dart 6.5 32 Bit and 64 Bit ISOs

    Please can you give me some tips for burning the two ISOs on to one bootable CD?


    • falconfour

      Even that is complicated. Since they both hinge on the bootmgr loader, the BCD store needs to be edited to reflect the path of both WIM images (x86 and x64), then a switcher will appear when you boot the disc. Then cross your fingers that the delicate balance of parameters is still working properly to boot the damn thing. Seriously, a huge Fuck You to Microsoft for coming up with that ass-backwards “BCD” shit to begin with. :/

      And hence, F4UBCD is taking forever to finish. 😛

  • Solidus-Snake


    Step 1: reboot
    Step 2: if your problem isn’t solved by then, bootup FalconFour’s UBCD and unleash your inner-geek!

    Thanks FalconFour you saved me hours of work. I fixed tons of errors with your CD. Was using 2.0, I’m anxioisly waiting for 4.5. Keep up the good work!

  • Collin

    AWESOME JOB! The USB kit’s “READ ME” file is the best I’ve seen to date. I followed your instructions to the letter and it works great.
    I do have one issue, though: When I try to boot out of it I get this message “Try (hd0,0): FAT32:” then it just loops back to the main menu every time. I need to use Kon-Boot on one of the machines I’m working on and this is keeping it from going through, as I have to reboot the machine to get out of the loop. Any advice on this one?

    • falconfour

      When booted from USB, the BIOS sees the USB stick as HD0 where the booting hard drive needs to be mapped. So when you boot from CD, HD0 is your usual boot drive, but when booted from USB, that’s HD0. The menu programming has no good way to “guess” which drive should be your “first hard drive”, so it just does as it’s told: boots from HD0. That just happens to be the flash drive. You can push “e” and replace “hd0” with “hd1” and “b” to boot it, and that should work, but otherwise just know it’s one of those “known issue” things. It was patched-around in F4UBCD 4.5’s “remap and boot HD0” function, but is still kinda iffy.

      My general plan of action is, if I didn’t intend to boot from USB, I just yank the stick and Ctrl+Alt+Del 🙂

  • I’ve tried many boot CDs and yours is one the use. AFAIK, this is the best boot CD for supporting Windows machines. Thanks for taking the time to put it together.

  • Stevie

    I downloaded and burned the latest (4.0)!
    Sounded great but when I boot (two different & perfectly working XP SP3 PCs) I get “NTDetect failure”!!! I get this wether I try MiniXP or ERD/DART! Bummer!
    Also I would like to boot this from a USB stick! What do I have to do?


    • falconfour

      “NTDetect Failed”: I usually see that in relation to errors in the boot order or other low-level hardware problem. Sometimes from a disc read error (did you burn it at full speed? always burn at a slow speed if possible, like 16-24x CD-R and 4x-8x DVD – the faster the burn, the worse job it does). As for booting from USB, there’s a big fat USB readme file and tools archive right staring you in the face in the torrent file, haha… it’s kinda hard to miss! All the info you need in there…

  • ben Jephunneh

    This looks great, F4. I’m looking forward to using it, and expecting to have some good success at resurrecting my laptop. Thanks for your work!

  • in4m8ion

    this and Hirens. both have their greatness and flaws. i use both.

  • cjd262

    You guys just saved my ass again, just wanted to say thanks

  • hi,i have been using ur boot cd for a long time.tried to find official forums before,today i stumbled upon this blog! i just want to report a bug in 4.5.i just bought a brand new win7 64 bit machine and tried to make a bootable usb.i ran grubinst.exe gui and i get an error saying unable to run background program.i run the program as admin and compatibility with vista sp1.am not a hard core tech but i know my way around a bit.any pointers?

  • Christopher Theis

    Your disk is great, used the DVD several times.

    I’d like to run it from usb but….
    After following your very helpful readme I get “Starting Cmain….()” when attempting to boot from usb (8 gig sandisk cruzer) and it just hangs up there. Any suggestions?

  • Pingback: Falcon four | Catdate()

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  • Would there be ANY issues with FalconFour being unable to detect a SATA HDD? My BIOS settings all look good, the BIOS itself shows a 160gB HDD at Channel 1 Master but somehow the BIOS isn’t communicating with FalconFour. None of the progs see the SATA drive though it shows IDE devices and USB devices. I just want to be sure that FF can handle this and that there isn’t some workaround I can try. Thanks.

  • NAS

    Hi – I could use some hints about how to add extra hardware drivers to this. I’m using it to recover some injured laptops but it is often (on Toshibas especially) not seeing the HDDs. I reckon it’s short the necessary drivers but I can’t find any obvious repository.
    Any idea/thoughts/suggestions gratefully received. Thanks

  • Alee

    Tried using F4UBCD with Easy2Boot, and while the normal WinPE environment boots, DaRT, Parted Magic and Linux do not.
    Also, when I tried using it on a flash drive (alone, normal install with instructions) DaRT did not work.

    Is there anything I need to change in the menu to make these things work? Preferably for Easy2Boot (USB-HDD mode with MBR, loads ISO).

  • Ron

    Running defragler from the HBCD menu fails with defragler.exe cannot be found.

  • Sb

    this is a work of art! thank you

  • Hola Amigo,

    I do speak some Spanish as I’m living in Peru.

    Is the chkdsk Utility program included in UBCD?

    My landlord’s PC has Windows XP Professional installed on it but it won’t boot because one of the files (WindowsAppPatchdrvmain.sdb) is damaged.

    Would it be possible to copy chkdsk from my Windows 2000 PC and add it to your software so that I can repair the HD of my landlord?

    Thanks y hasta pronto, Michael.

    • falconfour

      Yep, there’s a launcher on the desktop. Chkdsk doesn’t fix files, though, it just fixes the OS’s ability to access them… if it’s having trouble reading a file, you probably have a damaged hard drive. Chkdsk /R will try to read every piece of data on the drive and will block out any part it can’t read – which usually “works” but I still wouldn’t trust that hard drive 😉

      • When I ran a Surface Test on it using GParted Live USB there was 1 Bad Block on it.

        Would the Utilities in your software allow me to rename the bad file and copy an undamaged one into the same directory?

      • falconfour

        Yup, you can just use the XP desktop as you normally would… and run a real Chkdsk as well 😉 If it’s just the one bad block, the drive’s fine, just happened to be a bad write or something.