FalconFour’s Ultimate Boot CD/USB 4.5

At last, for your enjoyment… the latest version of FalconFour’s Ultimate Boot CD has arrived. V4.5 may be just a 0.5 version bump, but there is so much good stuff in here, lots of changes and lots of cool new toys to play with.

In this boot CD are the most popular and useful tools anyone would ever need. The best of the free software, the best of the commercial software, and it all fits on one CD-R that’s readable by any computer worth booting on. Not everything can read a DVD, and USB booting is hit and miss at best.

It’s been a long time. How have you been? Things have changed since we last met… I got myself a corporate IT job, still doing computer repair on the side. But being a side thing, kinda has its pros and cons. On one hand I don’t have constant first-hand experience using the disc anymore. On the other hand, I can also take a step back and look at it from a designer’s point of view… how well does it work? What does it do good, what’s bad, what could be done better? How can I make this the ULTIMATE BOOT CD it claims to be?

This disc, a minor half-version revision, is the answer to those questions. Scoured through every option, considered the usefulness of some tools, added others, collaborated with users over Facebook, gutted some functions and built others. A launcher here, a script there, and about 1,500 WIM captures. I imagine I went through some 20 ISO re-burns, 150 virtual machine boots, 200 VHD mount/unmounts… I can’t even count how much time has been put into polishing this thing. All for the love of making computer repair accessible to anyone that wants it.

Of note… let’s see here. Virtual Floppy enables you to mount images from your USB stick to be used in a boot selection like MiniXP (for F6 SATA/RAID drivers) or DR-DOS (BIOS flashing). VFD with file copy allows you to make a <1mb RAR file accessible to DR-DOS or Hiren’s DOS in a virtual floppy. Wireless drivers in MiniXP along with improved Ethernet and storage support. Mini Linux provided by RIP Linux. Bootable partition and imaging utilities provided by Acronis True Image and EASEUS Partition Manager. Improved Memtest86+ with failsafe mode to resolve startup hangs. Kon-Boot 1.1 is really v1.1 now, with support for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. Tons of new utilities in MiniXP with new launchers to provide easier access. ERD 5.0 is integrated with MiniXP for offline system restore and service/driver management, and Microsoft DaRT 6.5 (x86 and x64) are added to support Windows Vista and 7. Antivirus scanning with real-time updates is provided by DaRT 6.5’s Standalone System Sweeper, and allows you to load definitions to a USB stick for live updating.

This ain’t yo mama’s BartPE compilation.

Based on Hiren’s BootCD 13.0 Rebuild by DLC, minus some unnecessary clutter.

  • MiniXP gutted and rebuilt with new, flexible on-disc scripting, for easy mods.
  • Active File Recovery 7.5.1
  • CCleaner 3.04CPU-Z 1.57
  • HWMonitor 1.17
  • MS DaRT 5 / ERD Commander 2005 utilities
  • HD Tune Pro 4.60
  • ImgBurn
  • Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder 2.0.8
  • MyDefrag 4.3.1 with FullOptimize script
  • NirSoft collection 3/1/2011, now with 90% fewer antivirus false alarms
  • SoftPerfect Network Scanner 5.1.2
  • TreeSize Personal 5.4.4
  • Firefox Portable 3.6.14
  • SpinRite 6.0 (under DOS -> Hard Disk Tools)
  • Shiny graphics that make the room smell nicer

And of course, a slew of utilities from Hiren’s disc, some updated, including:EzPcFix, Acronis Disk Director, ATF Cleaner, Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware updated 3/7/2011, Bulk Rename Utility, Combofix updated 3/2/2011, Defraggler, Speccy, Content Advisor Password Remover, Recuva, Diskview, Filemon, Regmon, Procmon, DriveImageXML, GetDataBack, Recover My Files, Ghost32 11.5.1, ISOBuster, GImageX (ImageX GUI), SUPERAntiSpyware, IrfanView, NTPWEdit, Partition Magic, TeraCopy, TightVNC Server/Viewer, Unstoppable Copier, Victoria, MHDD, WinRAR, and 7-Zip

MD5: 225435D19B1D134892BD2057C5F4490F
SHA-1: 6980D5906295AF28475260FEE9395D4D35E3DFB8

Download the torrent (preferred, saves both of our time)…
Or download via the webย (currently down – sorry! May be back soon) (have fun clicking all 28 links!).

And, on Facebook: http://facebook.com/F4UBCD

  • You have won one internets, my good sir.

    As usual, jfgi and torrent, or if you can’t, shoot me a email and I’ll send it to you.

  • Bad news; I’m having some problems; Firstly, Ghost32 won’t start up via the “Launcher” for me, nor will it run using the HBCD menu. I burned with ImgBurn, slowest speed my burner supported (16x), and the MD5s are all valid; I’ve burned two of these and here’s what’s been happening:

    CD 1: Run launcher, get a Ghost32 is not a valid Win32 Application, Size of EXE: ~3.6MB. Also, RIP Linux fails to boot with a Kernel Panic. Seagate’s SeaTools (or whatever they’re called), Fails to boot, stays at a “gravel” screen, no activity whatsoever, Ctrl+Alt+Del does nothing, had to hard shutoff.

    CD 2: Run launcher, Ghost32 “command line” window pops up for a instant and closes with no errors; Attempting to run from HBCD Menu yields same results; Size of EXE: 1KB. Trying to run directly from Explorer causes at NTVDM Kernel Error. Didn’t bother to test RIP, cause the main reason I use this is for Ghost/Spinrite.

    I’m going to attempt a reburn in a slower burner I have laying around… I’ll report back once I get some more results.

    Other than that… this is awesomer than 4.0. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • falconfour

      Definitely an odd one, but definitely something pointing to CD media errors. These are being read on the same computer, right? Do a “Verify” using your computer’s ImgBurn. Actually… one better. Load the ISO onto a Flash drive (then hash check it, you can use HashTab in MiniXP if needed), then open ImgBurn on the failing computer… go to “Verify” mode, and select the ISO as the source. Now verify it. That should verify if the CD is readable on the *problem* computer. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Because none of those things should happen if the disc is being read OK, or if the PC is processing properly. It may well also be a memory error on that PC… but at any rate it sounds more like a PC hardware problem, because those are all things I tested inside and out, and certainly not things I’d expect to be seeing from anything related to the disc ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Forgot to mention; the CD was burned on my custom built Core i5 system; the CD is being run on a OptiPlex GX240.

        I will try burning with a different burner as well as run a MD5 on that ISO; Thanks for all the help so far.

        Will report back, SIR! *salute*

  • Bakerboy448

    Tried it on an “ancient” optiplex gx260.

    A couple programs opened and insta closed in xp

    Easues partion manager (server) opened and then closed

    Screen would only do 640x w/e in !!!!4-bit!!! Monitor is a Dell 2002 LCD

  • Bakerboy448

    The monitors model is e171fp

  • Seems one of the CDs is bad; I ran it on another comp, Ghost runs no problem. However on the GX240, both CDs are bad…

    What is this, I don’t even…

    The GX240’s CD Drive is (according to the BIOS), a _NEC CD-RW NR-7900A

    The other computer I tried it on, a Dell XPS M1210, has a “SONY DVD-RW+ Drive”.

    Seems it’s partially both the CD’s fault AND the Drive’s fault. O.o’

    • Tried verifying the ISO from Ext. HDD inside of F4UBCD using ImgBurn on the GX240; No errors…

      I’m thinking it’s the drive now.

      So I guess you’re off the hook. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Alright, slap me silly, I was retarded enough to not think that it may have been the RAM causing the issue; ran Memtest, errors popped up instantly! Pulled the no-name 1GB DDR stick out, Ghost runs fine, no errors after 3 passes in MemTest.

        F&@$ you Dell, F$#@ you.

      • falconfour

        *salute* And there you have it… good ol’ hardware errors on an old PC. That’s why I always jump into hardware diagnostics when I start seeing funky behavior like that… just about always something goofy going on in hardware. Glad you got it sorted!

  • James

    Great update, good to have Hiren 13 and DART 6.5. Just found one issue, when using DART 5 (ERD) under Mini XP, it says “This system dow not contain any restore points”, before that it ask for C:, which I select and it is XP Pro SP3.

    Therefore I tried FalconFour 4.0 with the seperate ERD 5 boot image and that works a treat, so I will keep both version. I also booted into normal Windows XP and tested System Restore and that can find the Restore Points.

    I thought you would like to know about the potential issue.

    • falconfour

      Ghreeeaaayte. Augh. All that work into ERD System Restore, and I forgot to actually test it on a real system. So much stuff to test and fix, I never got around to installing an XP virtual machine and testing that.

      Yeah, that’s probably an issue then. It’s on my to-do list for the next version, then. :/ Sorry!

      • James

        Hi that is fine, I hardly ever use ERD5 System Retore, but when you need to do if offline, it is extermly. I will just keep both 4 and 4.5 in my CD Wallet. Tested lots more stuff and everything else looks like it is working a treat, great to have Dart 6.5, i am sure that will come in useful.

  • I’m quite impressed with the trimming down you’ve done, F4. I successfully booted MiniXP on a AMD K7 @ 500Mhz, with 128MB RAM. O_O

    Only one error about running low on Virtual Memory, but other than that… Runs great! It even runs pretty darn fast too.

    Now to upgrade it to 768MB RAM… then plop some sort of random OS on it. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • falconfour

      Woohoo! Wow, good to hear. I never tested it that low… I was actually afraid to even test it with 256. But with my testing in 256, I knew one of two things was going on: either Task Manager’s “PF usage” was mis-calculating the amount of memory in use by the WIM filter… or it actually *copied* the WIM to RAM instead of decompressing it like the previous version’s CAB+IMG system did. Turns out, the latter! That’s f’ing amazing… very, very cool way to handle it. Plus it gives me the flexibility to relocate the WIM apart from the boot files on the disc (which have the HBCDXP path hard-coded into them). Lots of cool new added benefits of using WIM, it seems.

      Too bad we still have those other issues to resolve, though (on the Facebook page)… like a “no disk” error on some PCs with a floppy drive (haven’t encountered that one yet myself), the ERD System Restore that doesn’t actually work… few odds and ends to patch up before Mega and Micro versions. :/

  • Yeah; the only downside is that you’ll have to manually extract the UHA archives to a flash drive; but I’d still say it works sorta. ๐Ÿ˜›

    You can at least get BASIC functionality with such little RAM. O_o’

  • Downloaded your F4UBCD due to an emergency I thought I was coming my way (and so it did). I have tried several other boot CDs so far, but I must admit yours is the best I’ve found so far. It worked straight out of the box, offered me more tools than I probably needed, and even connected me to wireless internet from the boot CD itself! It’s so well-suited for a windows user like me that I can hardly offer any suggestions for improvement. Once again thank you very much for bringing this work to the masses!

  • djbudax

    where do i download the boot cd?

  • carlo

    i use falcon with cd rom and working. i use on pendrive and when load xp pe appear this error: windows no disk: there is no disk in the drive. please insert a disk into driver. i select “continue” and xp falcon appear. help

    • falconfour

      Sounds like everything is working fine… but judging by your lack of writing skills I kinda wonder if you’re gonna hurt yourself with tools like this. ๐Ÿ˜›

      • carlo

        I do not write English well
        I know perfectly these programs. already use for some time FF4.0 on a USB stick and it works perfectly without giving this error “windows no disk”

  • Rikoshay

    I am having issues with creating a bootable USB with this version. I have followed all of the steps in the readme, but for one reason or another it does not boot on any machine I tested.

    Using the same USB flash drive I used v4.0 with, and that one worked fine. I do not know the make or model of the flash drive, only that is a foldable casing that is silver and red, with a heart that has a cross that cuts through it.

    Systems I have tried it on: Dell OptiPlex GX620, OptiPlex 745, GX260, GX270, Precision 380, and Dimension 3100.

    • falconfour

      Straaaange… are you getting any errors? I’m using it just fine on my USB drive (in fact, I use it mostly from USB)… and I’ve even moved to a new flash drive and installed it there too. Dells usually have no trouble booting from USB either…

      It worked fine with v4.0… but 4.5 changed nothing about the USB kit or the booting method. Could you try putting 4.0 back on there, then? You should only have to delete and update files between 4.0 and 4.5… shouldn’t have to format the drive (bad! it’ll mess up the boot sector), or mess with the 4.5 USB Kit…

      • Rikoshay

        When I did it the first time I think I did not format, and just did the grubutil part. I’ll try another flash drive and see if it still has issues booting up.

    • falconfour

      Well, the required procedure is:

      – wipe the flash
      – give it a partition table (diskpart)
      – create the partition, set it active
      – *format the new partition*
      – run grub4dos installer
      – install files

      If you do it out of order…
      – create partition
      – run grub4dos (applies boot sector to invalid partition)
      – format the drive (windows wipes the grub4dos boot sector with its own)
      – copy the files
      … then it won’t work.

      • falconfour

        Or if you don’t format at all, it may only work in some systems… Flash drives don’t usually have a partition table by default, so when you run grub4dos (in verbose mode), it’ll often say that the BS wasn’t installed because of some image error. That’s why the drive usually needs to be erased first.

      • Rikoshay

        Huh. I formatted it with the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool, copied the files and it worked. The drive was formatted with just FAT16 for some reason, so changed it to FAT32 and did grub, worked. Also I noticed that a good amount of files were corrupted, so that also was fixed afterwards.

  • Jon

    Hi FF – mate what a fantastic CD! Many many thanks for putting it together.

    One question, I’m trying to use YUMI (http://www.pendrivelinux.com/yumi-multiboot-usb-creator/) to boot the ISO from a menu. It works, but then when you boot to Mini-XP there are no apps in the environment. Do you know if it’s possible to use YUMI to boot the ISO or do I need to extract it and add your menu.lst to the one it creates? I really hope it’s just a simple mod to the YUMI menu.lst but having absolutely no Linux skills AT ALL I’m at a total loss!

    Really hope you can help me – and thanks again for all your hard work. Nice one!

    • falconfour

      Eww, loading the ISO into memory? Nay nay… that won’t do. MiniXP looks for the files on *physical drives* (CD drives, etc), and when the ISO is loaded via a virtual ISO handler, it won’t find that DOS-mode CD drive that was created. Really hackish.

      F4UBCD itself is designed to be flexible. There’s no Linux in there at all (I hate Linux myself!), just a menu.lst configuration file that describes the startup modes. I’d actually recommend using F4UBCD instead of YUMI and add whatever other loaders you want to that… that way F4UBCD is unmodified on the disc, and can find the files it needs to use. Otherwise you really won’t be able to use it with a ghettohacked ISO patcher-loader like YUMI seems to use ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • >>Jon

        Hey I noticed you were trying to use YUMI to get FalconFour to load. I have done this (before it was called YUMI). I used the “clonezilla” iso to show me how i needed to use it for FalconFour. When you install Clonezilla onto your flash drive it puts the contents of the ISO into a folder called “clonezilla” Do the same with the falconFour. Extract the FalconFour contents to a falconfour folder. then edit the menu.lst file in root (it is there… it’s hidden in windows!) to point to falcon’s menu.lst file in the falconfour folder. You can also edit the menu.lst in the falconfour folder to add a line which points back to the original menu.lst file on the root. …

        Basically, i used clonezilla as a template. Try the same. It worked for me. I have FalconFour installed to all my flash drives in this way.

    • Funky D

      I was able to get F4UBCD working from YUMI with a little bit of tweaking:

      1. Copy the contents of the F4UBCD ISO to the root of the USB drive

      2. Put the following in YUMI’s cfg file:

      label F4UBCD
      menu label F4UBCD
      COM32 /multiboot/chain.c32 fs grldr=/grldr

      Hope this helps!

  • Hi, first thanks for the great effort put into creating this magnificient array of utilities!! definitely amazing.
    Second, I am having an issue, I have put it on an USB and it loads without problems, I have also downloaded and put the latest DART/ERD definitions onto the folder (64x only) where your comment is… So the issue is that I load the DART, go to Sweep tool and on its start up it doesn’t find the definitions, I have opened it on the file explorer of DART and I can’t find it too…

    So, what would you recommend me to do?


  • H S

    Hello. I found this great little resource! What a find! I’m working on a serious problem with my Athlon-II PC which boots fine, except services have been axed, no taskbar, no restore pts, drag-and-drop is disabled, Last Known Good won’t bind, etc. Lg pieces of it however are still working – I’d like to see if I can resurrect it. I’m not thinking virus at this point.

    What do I want? Can you please suggest one or two good geek-type forums I can bounce some questions off of as I learn and begin using F4UBCD to correct this hosed XP install? I don’t want to do it here – this isn’t the place, I don’t believe. But I’m reasonably sure you have a favorite forum somewhere I can go to get some help with this?

    Nice work! Thanks a bunch if you can steer me. Thanks a bunch even if you can’t.


  • Does anyone know why after i have burned this ISO with Imgburn, and booted into Mini XP, why i do not get the same background as all the screen shots and why i am missing all the tools that were included? Its just a basic Mini XP GUI.
    Am i missing something?
    Also does the txt file that appears on the mini xp desktop saying “error, f4ubcd could not be found…” have anything to do with my problem?

    • I am sorry… it was me and my BIOS settings….. do forgive me, im only blonde! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • spiro

        Hi Im having the same issue on two computers.
        Could you be more specific about your solution concerning the bios settings?

        • falconfour

          Hmm, I hope this method of reply works… I can’t seem to reply to a third-level comment directly, so I’d be replying back to the previous poster. ๐Ÿ™

          It’s usually that the optical drive is attached to an unsupported storage controller – that is, a RAID controller or an obscure early ACHI controller. Try going into the BIOS and *TEMPORARILY* disabling AHCI or RAID mode by switching it to “IDE” mode. Be SURE to change it back before rebooting back into your original Windows, or before reinstalling, though. AHCI is a huge performance booster you don’t want to be running without ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Filo

    How can I use this virtual floppy feature?

  • Pedro

    Hi, thanks for the great tool. I’m using it on my USB 3.0 flash and it’s working great.
    But on some PCs there is an error before loading a grub4dos menu:

    Try (hd0,0): Invalid or null
    Try (hd0,1): Invalid or null
    Try (hd0,2): Invalid or null
    Try (hd0,3): Invalid or null
    Error: Cannot find GLDR in all devices.

    I guess that my USB3 flash drive is mapped like hd1 on these PCs, after the first harddrive.
    So the solution is maybe configure grub4dos for booting from hd1, but I don’t know how. Any suggestion?

    • falconfour

      Nope… something’s messed up in the USB config, either in the drive (maybe not partitioned?), or in the bios… that message says it couldn’t find grldr in *all* devices (known to it), so it would search hd1 if it could find it (and hd0 is ALWAYS the device being booted from). The BIOS sets the boot order by arranging drives, so USB would be hd0 if working properly.

  • coolio

    Hi there,

    so far your live CD is the most useful and contains most tools I needed. Thanks for that, i thought I will have to learn how to merge more live CDs into one.

    Anyway, I need to use Partition Magic, located in your FF4 submenu Hirens CD 13 – it is not listed there by default, it is mentioned in customized menu, but actually it does not work. I do believe it is just a mismatched uha archive call – instead of pqpm.uha you need to call pqmagic.uha, because I am able to unpack it it and run by command line command (“call uha pqmagic tools; pm.exe”).

    But can I can it somewhere in the menu so it stays there forever? So far I found out that Hirens dos menu is too hard to change – it is hardcoded in io.sys probably. But the secondary menu, which can be run again after quitting any dos program by “M” command, is still hidden for me somewhere.

    Thank for help anyway.

  • smith

    Thank you for your great bundle software.

    May I ask you how to add software into your package? I want to add HDD Regenerator v2011 for an alternate choice of Spinrite v6.0

    • Adding the bootable version of HDD Regenerator (2011): find an ISO of it on the Internet, use 7-Zip (or Universal Extractor) to extract the bootable floppy image contained within, move it to your USB (or remaster the ISO using UltraISO etc.), edit menu.lst and add something like this in:

      title HDD Regenerator 2011
      find –set-root /HDDREG.img
      map –mem /HDDREG.img (fd0)
      map –hook
      root (fd0)
      chainloader (fd0)+1
      rootnoverify (fd0)

      Replace the HDDREG.img instances to point correctly to your floppy disk image

  • Old MSgt

    Anyone not finding soft they would like to see DOES have the easy option of dropping Portable Apps into a remastered DVD-sized .iso then trying them out in Virtualbox before burning to DVD. Note I said “DVD” because when the .iso file grows beyond CD size that’s the easy way to go. I’ve been dropping large .GHO files in this way to make custom “toolkit/restord DVDs since it’s silly to use “lean” boot images unless required. Works a treat.

    Today’s project is to drop a FalconFour .iso into a FalconFour .iso along with the grub utilities so I burn a DVD to INSTALL Falconfour on, well, any bootable USB key or hard disk!

    Cue “I heard you like .isos so I put an .iso in your .iso”.

    Why, pray tell?
    One option is fill a large bootable “FalconFour” external hard disk with OS images, and be able to create and apply images with the tools (Linux or Windows) provided.

    The test of a good tool is that people use it for things the maker didn’t plan for.

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  • karim

    Well i wanted to recover some files from my hard drive, anyway when i use the minixp thing it comes to loading windows xp then an error msg appear can’t load RAMDISK error 7.Do you have any clue what that mean.

    • falconfour

      Means you made a shitty burn. I really just want to smack people that burn the disc onto a smudged blank with default FULL SPEED options, then wonder why it won’t work.

      Burn it onto a clean CD-R at 16x (or DVD-R if you’re desperate, at 4x), then try again…

      There is nothing wrong with the MiniXP loader of F4UBCD. There are thousands of people that have used it without incident, and your error should ring a bell in your head saying “hmm, I think something’s wrong with my setup!”

  • karim

    Well, I dont even have a clue about any booting thing or burning a cd to have notice that pretty obvious error you talking about, to you it maybe familiar to me it is nothing but an aching error.

    Anyway , as i dont know anything i would like to ask do i extract and burn or get a iso burner ?

  • An ISO Burner would be the simplest since it is a bootable disc. If you extract and burn… It will not be bootable. I would suggest IMGBurn. The quickest way to install it would be to use http://www.ninite.com navigate down to IMGBurn and check it. Then click at the bottom of the page “Get Downloader”. Run the downloader on your computer. After it finishes, you’ll have an icon for the program on your desktop. Either lauch the program and say burn image to cd or navigate directly to the F4UBCD.iso and click on it. That will automatically start the program. Enjoy!

  • karim

    Well after i tried every thing on cd it works great but i cant find a way to enter my original partitions. My problem is a sudden cut in power then the windows partition was damadger but i have other partitions there that arnt and i need to get some files from this partition so which mode i use from this cd??!!

    Sorry for frequent questions but i desprately need those stuff :S

  • Jonathan Buck

    As long as there is nothing majorly wrong with the HDD, you should be able to boot into the cd (I am assuming you know how to do that) then select “MiniXP”… Once booted into MiniXP some things will load, wait for them. Once fully booted, I usually do my data recovery routine this way: HD Tune Pro (on Desktop, to check health of HDD), then open My computer, Find your HDD,right click and say “bypass security”. Then open it up and go searching for your files. I would also suggest using TreeSize Personal (I think that is the name, it’s a green icon) and allow it to scan your HDD for additional files you may have forgotten. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to get your files as long as you can access your HDD. IF you need some deleted files recovered you can use.Active File Recovery (also on the Desktop)

  • Jonathan Buck

    Also, I would like to add, that if your HDD is severely damaged, you could use a tool like SpinRite (found in the Hiren DOS tools of the boot menu>HDD>somewhere around there) Sorry I couldn’t be specific, but just search and you’ll find it. Good luck!

    • falconfour

      Nununununu… don’t use Spinrite. I’m pulling that from the next F4UBCD version. It’s killed every hard drive I’ve tried to recover with it, due to its buggy “recovery” system that endlessly slams bad-sectors until the whole drive dies… it usually gathers 63 “data samples” then “rejects” the following 1,000+ retries – and keeps going until the drive locks up/powers down. Fuck Spinrite. Only hope you have at recovery is Active File Recovery on the MiniXP desktop.

      But yeah, I’d say fire up MiniXP (and if it doesn’t load, VERIFY the burn after burning it – MiniXP will pretty much *always* boot, no exceptions), plug in a flash drive, and start copying shit off your drive ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Andy

        If a drive is physically going bad then Spinrite isn’t the correct tool to use. If it finds a bad sector it will work on it 2,000 time. If a drive is physically dying then Spinrite will finish it off.
        It’s best to first try regular data recovery tools first. If those don’t work the. Run Spinrite at level 2. If its just a sector problem it will take care of it. The you should be able to recover the data. I run Spinrite on all my drives from time to time. I’ve never had a hard drive fail.
        Spinrite goes through the whole drive checking it out. Depending which level you choose it will either read only the sect

      • Andy

        If a drive is physically going bad then Spinrite isn’t the correct tool to use. If it finds a bad sector it will work on it 2,000 time. If a drive is physically dying then Spinrite will finish it off.
        It’s best to first try regular data recovery tools first. If those don’t work the. Run Spinrite at level 2. If its just a sector problem it will take care of it. The you should be able to recover the data. I run Spinrite on all my drives from time to time. I’ve never had a hard drive fail.
        Spinrite goes through the whole drive checking it out. Depending which level you choose it will either only read the sectors or read and write the sectors. That process makes the hard drive work really hard. Which is why a dying hard drive can be destroied by it. So a level 2 reads each sector two times. If it has a problem with a sector the default is 2,000 tries. It tries many different ways to recover the defective sector. A level 4 reads a sector and writes the sector two times. It inverts the bit then puts it back. The reason I run it on all my drives is to excersize the drive. Spinrite forces it to read/write every part of the drive. If a section is having a problem it will find it and take care of it before it becomes a problem. You can go to http://www.grc.com for more info about how it works. Hope this helps a little to know when to and when not to run it.

  • Seems I have been corrected about SpinRite… listen to him, and don’t use it then. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Tom

    Great job!

    Can you please include all standard scripts of MyDefrag in the next version?
    Your script is great but I also like the daily/monthly scripts of the makers of MyDefrag.



    • Tom

      Edit: I noticed that when you boot in MiniXP, you can also acces you hdd and boot programs from there. Awesome, now I found my own install of MyDefrag.

      Keep up the good work!

      • Old MSgt

        You can run all sorts of Portable Apps, scripts, etc too.

        If you install to USB key, drop anything else you wish to run into a new folder. I label mine “Apps” for convenience.

        You can also open the .iso and add all sorts of things like Ghost or dd images. If it grows beyond CD-size, burn as a DVD. Usually no problem, but test in Virtualbox first to save media and ensure it does what you want.

        Both my .isos and USB keys have the USB install tools added so I can “make more” of either with the tools at hand.

  • Jesrani

    I regularly use ubcd4win, is this better? I was under the impression that hiren cd contained pirated software.

  • Jonathan Buck

    Some of the software on the Restored versions of Hiren’s has software that require a license. we call those commerical programs. However, you are under NO obligation to use such software. I would not call those versions pirated software as there are no cracks or things of that nature that need to be implemented. One I know of actually installs the Trial version of the software…If you feel that you want to buy the software before you know if it is effective or not… Go right ahead. I personally have liked several of the commerical tools and have purchased licenses for those tools so I can used on or off the disc anytime I want. I think helpful application developers need to be supported.

  • jesrani

    Thanks for the reply. I have a problem I need to solve. One of my XP computers keeps on rebooting after XP logo. Also unable to boot into safe mode. I have had this problem on number of computers in the past and the solution always was to boot into Recovery Console, then use “chkdsk c: /r” option, then boot into ubcd4win and restore ergistry. Always worked. But this time it does not. After chkdsk it shows 4Kb bad sector. Maybe the system files are in this sector, not sure. Can you explain if this problem can be solved and how? I have burnt the ISO of f4ubcd already.

  • Ummm isn’t distributing Windows XP binaries highly illegal in MOST countries?

  • Jonathan Buck

    @Kelsenellenelvian What are you talking about? If you think this is full blown Windows XP then you do not know what PE is and I suggest you begin researching…”Google” is a good place to start. You should also look at Hiren’s CD since this disc is built off of it.

    @Jesrani If you are trying to use chkdsk with F4UBCD. Boot into cd, then launch MiniXP, on the desktop you will find CHKDSK Launcher. You can run that now and read the directions (only have to put drive letter you want scanned). I would run HD Tune Pro. that will install a trial version and allow you to view the SMART information and overall health of that HDD. I always use HD Tune Pro to check the health of my disk. If this doesn’t help you, let us know. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I know exactly what a PE environment disk and setup is.

    It is still a major portion of windows binaries and has to be made from a windows source.

    I have been aware of hirens for a VERY long time and am fully knowledgeable of all of the illegal software and practices it contains.

    I am ashamed that a competent software developer as you seem to be hides behind a thinly veiled screen of words and fine hairs.

  • Redistributing any commercial programs or portions of them no matter how you call it and tell people that they don’t have to use it is still facilitating the use of warez.

  • none


    I am ashamed that a competent software developer as you seem to be hides behind a thinly veiled screen of words and fine hairs.

    “it is still a major portion of windows binaries and has to be made from a windows source’

    ‘Ummm isnโ€™t distributing Windows XP binaries highly illegal in MOST countries?”
    WHAAAAT!!!! I cant believe how naive,arrogant, ignorant some “people” are!
    trying to discredit someone who got sick n tired of Windows inexcusable shortfalls and decided to fix some of those issues themselves by using a product they already bought (at many times its value) and in the mean time try to help others by offering the results of his efforts FOR FREE!!!
    msoft should be licking his back side for doing some of their work (all of their work) while they are busy trying to protect their market share by employing unconstitutional tactics and by throwing money around buying lobbyists,… money that should be used to reward people like this for their work
    Any windows _or any other software_ user who ever paid for a product that didn’t work and who got tired of listening to the “tech support” monkeys and tired of the complete lack of response from the people that gladly took their money only to sell them a “work in progress” filled with “bloatware” that left them open to viruses and caused system crashes and cost them a bundle of money and a significant time investment to get their machines fixed should be thankful that there is people like this around to pick up the slack.

    You are a misinformed ignorant fool trying to speak for the corporate giant that made you buy the disaster called “Vista” at $200.00 a pop when even though the markets rejected it. it came bundled with your computer which somehow came with hardware that didn’t have XP drivers. And then you realized you where screwed you had nowhere else to turn and you where left at the mercy of the daily dose of updates and restarts that gave way to BSODs and other forms of punishment.

    Don’t think I speak from personal experience, I wasn’t one of those people that took the blue pill, I m not bitter for me but for the hundreds of people I have helped for free over the years (friends and relatives) and that was only possible by using tools that I couldn’t buy anywhere (God forbid if Microsoft provided a CD with repair tools like Hiren or Falcon4 etc)
    BTW everyone I know including myself who ever used pirated versions of software has either made some kind of contribution towards their development and/or paid for them if they continued to use them
    As far as the shareware mentioned earlier in some post…..I feel an overwhelming need to reward someone who did a good job and stands behind their software and would never steal from them so even though I don’t use them commercially I pay- pal a few bucks to the developers of the products i find useful
    I wanna conclude with a BIG thanks to the people that make these tools and a big FU to worms like you

    • falconfour

      Hey… hey… let’s be civil around here, aye?

      *kkff*… *mmf*… GAHAHHAAHAHA… SORRY! Couldn’t hold it! Just kidding, rip his frickin’ throat out! Dude, you’re my hero.

      Fact of the matter is, there is no commercial product that is even similar to what’s been done with F4UBCD and similar projects like Hiren’s. Nothing, nada. You cannot buy it anywhere. The only way to obtain this system is to download the hard work of someone else. We’re talking blood, sweat, and tears – weeks of tedious work, in fact a combined total of many months of work – on both my side in designing, integrating, scripting, and testing, as well as Hiren’s side in creating the MiniXP platform from scratch, and kicking-off the concept of a “true” repair CD.

      The only things this disc can be used for are things that the constituent parts (Windows, various utilities, etc) were not designed to do, on the commercial side of things. Windows in MiniXP is not capable of running as a PC’s operating system (except in desperate conditions, in which case they would likely be happy to buy Windows if they were in any way capable of doing so!). The utilities like TreeSize, HD Tune, Ghost, etc., are themselves not installable (except HD Tune, which is a trial installer anyway), and hence can’t be installed as a formally functioning “product” outside the BootCD environment.

      Because they weren’t meant to be. The spirit of the F4UBCD is to provide a grey-area tool. A tool that provides a necessary service to society – simpler computer repair, to fill that gap between “time and cost involved” and “money being made” in returning a damaged PC to the working society. A tool that can’t be formally marketed, supported, produced, or even talked about in some circles (mention “Hiren” to a software-prude, and count the seconds til you get smacked!). It’s not a collection of independent tools in some sort of “software collection” you find on torrent sites. It, itself, is a tool, consisting of various other tools in various modifications and adaptations to make them all work together.

      It took a crapload of time to tune to perfection, and it’s my darkest fear that someday, some misinformed software nazi would come and not rain on *my* parade (God knows I don’t make anything off this disc), but raining on the thousands of people that have made F4UBCD the centerpoint of their personal or commercial repair operation and improved peoples’ lives as a result of it. I have no doubt that F4UBCD has boosted sales of its constituent components, if even by a small amount. It would be a tragedy for someone to ruin it for everyone.

      • Jonathan Buck

        Nicely said Falconfour, Thank you!

  • JD


    Do you know of an alternative to Spinrite, commercial or otherwise, to actually repair a disk so it will work again? I can use GetDataBack to pull off files, but actually recovering the disk itself would be nice. A lot of people swear by Spinrite, so it must work for some people, eh?

    • falconfour

      Yeah. You first read the full drive (and ignore read errors) so the drive knows the location of all its damaged sectors. Then, you write the drive (or just those defect areas if you want) with zeroes or any other data (write without reading), and the drive will repair or remap (if it can’t fix it by rewriting it) itself automatically.

      Often, if you simply “read” the whole drive, then proceed to quick-reformat the drive (so all data on the volume will have been “rewritten” as the drive is used, logically), the drive will repair itself. If the drive knows the sector is bad, it will repair itself at its next “write”. You just have to scan it first (so it knows where they all are), then the drive will fix the damaged sectors when it next gets a “write” there.

      Spinrite does nothing special to “repair” the drive, most of its use is in “recovering” any data that was in the damaged sector before writing it back in its “repair”. If you don’t need the data, there’s no reason to damage the drive further by trying to “read” all the damaged data… just read it, wipe it, reload it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • James

    Hello and thanks for the great tool!

    I was hoping i could get some help with installing hard drive drivers onto the ISO so it can support SAS drives?

    Well atleast the ones i support.

    Thanks for the help and again great tool!

    • falconfour

      Not possible – or at least extraordinarily difficult – to “add” storage drivers to MiniXP. Best bet is to make a Virtual F6 Floppy image (look at the boot menu options for details) with the drivers for your controller, then load it with the F6 Floppy option and hit F6 as MiniXP starts (at the prompt just after the progress bar), and select the driver to load. That’s how I do it. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • James

        Cool, Thanks Falcon Four. The F6 method will/did work just as good..

        You sir ROCK!!

  • Hi I love F4UBCD! I’ve been using it since version 1.x or 2.x.

    You’ve done an AESOME job!

    I Love F-16s as well!

    I want to be able to tweak F4UBCD so that it boots directly into MiniXp and bypasses the Grub4Dos menu. what file can I modify or tweak?
    Thanks in advance,

    • Charles

      Edit menu.lst removing all but the following:

      find –set-root /HBCD/XPLOADER.BIN
      chainloader /HBCD/XPLOADER.BIN


    • Charles

      Or simpler yet, add the following:

      timeout 5

      after the default line.

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  • Chris

    Does any one know how to get the iso onto a pen drive – thanks in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

    • falconfour

      Christ, there’s a USB instruction guide right in the torrent. What’d you do, buy the torrent from some Chinese scam site? Or download some ancient version despite the name of the post you’re commenting on?

  • ignacio Pineda

    Hey! Thank you for this useful tool. Please would you be so kind on telling me if I I can repair a sony vaio HD? It sends me a message “an inminent failure will occur, save your data and replace your HD”. Can these tools could help me ? If so, I beg you telling me how to proceed in order to repair my HD.

    Kind regards.

    • falconfour

      That’s a SMART error (Self-Monitoring And Reporting Technology). You dropped the laptop at some point in its life – or someone did. Use HD Tune to “error scan” the full drive. If there’s more than one red dot, replace the drive. If there are no red spots, ignore the error but keep backups. Actually, keep backups anyway – your shit is going bad.

      You can’t clear that error – it’s just end-of-the-road for that drive. You can keep it as a spare, but it’s been damaged, there’s no two ways about it. Copy the data you can off it (I recommend using Windows Vista/7’s built-in “Easy Transfer” utility), format the main partition (once you’re sure it’s all backed up, of course), and use Ghost to clone the old drive to a replacement hard drive (you can do that via a 2.5″ USB hard drive enclosure as well to hold the new or old drive). That way you maintain the original “recovery” partition, which you then would use (“press f12 for recovery” or whatever the Sony laptop says during startup) to restore your OS and run Easy Transfer to restore your data.

      Tough process, but that’s the lesson learned to be careful with hard drives ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Ignius

        Shit!, well, it’s ok… it all derived from a bad installation of Windows 7… well, you are right I should be more careful about my laptop.

        Thank you again.

  • Duncan Macleod

    Stupid question: How do I get the boot disk to work from a USB stick? I tried xcopy but was unable to get it to work.


    • falconfour

      I would say “duh, xcopy has been obsolete since Windows 2000”, but that would be rude.

      Obvious answer is right there in the torrent. Right. Smack. There. In the torrent. It says it right there, “USB Kit.7z”. If you don’t have that, you’ve either got an old version (why are you commenting on the 4.5 version?), or a phony torrent not from ThePirateBay with me (FalconFour) as the uploader. Derp.

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  • Pyta

    I just wanted to tell you that your Boot CD is the best tool any tech could have. I don’t need anything else! One question, do you have instructions put it on a bootable USB drive. Is it similar to the process of Hirens?


  • Thank you very much for your wonderful work on creating this utlimate utility compilation!
    The only things that I would like to add are D7 util and Ophcrack, that i dont know how to add on USB key.
    How to add an additional iso on your boot menu?

    • falconfour

      There are _no_ ISOs used in F4UBCD. Use of multi-booting ISOs is ridiculously error-prone since the ISO has to be hack-emulated into a non-existent controller, and rarely even makes it past DOS booting to be accessible. It’s a horrible crapshoot to even try.

      That said, it uses grub4dos and menu.lst for the boot menu. Not that hard to edit, especially if you used the USB method. Not sure what “D7” is, and “Ophcrack” sounds like something I would not be adding any time soon (this isn’t a “cracking” utility, it’s intended to be a computer-repair helper).


  • GuineaPirate

    How often are you going to update FalconFour?
    Is the next version 4.5.1, 4.6 or 5.0? When are we going to see that release?
    4.5 is now over a year old and Hiren’s UBCD have been updated already many times in a year (13 -> 15.1). Should it be time for a new release?

    Thanks for the one of the best PC tools FalconTeam.

  • mGforCe

    Thanks for creating & sharing one of the best PC Tools Falconfour….

    Any chance of us seeing an updated & further improved / tweaked version of this swiss army knife? I know it is very time consuming but then not anyone can achieve the quality of boot CD which you have established.

    Let us know if there are some plans…Thanks again

  • Lea

    I have been IT and repair tech for 20 years, and i can tell you right now, your tool, specially the last one ( v4.5) is THE BEST boot cd i have ever used.
    1 ton of thanks for taking the time and effort to produce such extraordinary tool for guys like me.

  • electrolics

    i have intel h67 board and this FBCD 4.5 cant detect the harddrive on this system whether sata2 or 3, the system boots with the drive which means its working,, plz help,

    • Habla

      Its not the board, but if Bios is set to use drives as AHCI they will probably bot be recogniced. Disable AHCI in bios and all should be fine. When you’re done using the CD you can set it back. I struggled a long time before I understood this.

      • electrolics

        thank you i figured that out myself

  • James F

    Thank you so much for this man. You have NO idea how big of a life saver this is for work! Keep up the great work!

  • Superb effort Falcon four. Many thanks!
    I wonder if you have given any thought to creating a UBCD with a later version of Windows as the base (instead of Win XP). The reason I ask is that as a budding repair tech I’d rather not have to carry god knows how many different flavours of windows disks to repair broken windows installations. I’d rather have them as ISO’s on a USB drive. The Zalman ZM VE300 USB caddy is great for this – you can set it to emulate an external USB CD/DVD drive, manually pointing the Zalman (with a thumbwheel switch) to the required ISO in advance. When the PC looks at the Zalman drive it then appears as a USB CDROM drive with a disk in it (the ISO). Unfortunately the issue of booting older machines from USB is a royal pain; enter the UBCD approach. If I try booting from the F4UBCD CD or UBCD4Win I can access the Zalman OK, but when launching the installation setup.exe file on a Vista or W7 ISO in the Zalman, the installation bombs out before properly getting underway saying “The version of Windows PE running on this computer is not compatible with setup……use Server 2003 SP1 windows or later”. I haven’t been able to get a UBCD4Win setup working using Window2003 source files, it keeps crashing with an error “i2omp.sys could not be found”. The file is there however. Googled all day on this error, but nothing relevant came up. Hence the question.

  • Jonathan Kwok

    Hi, sorry, I’m pretty new to boot cds. Does this boot cd include windows xp? All i have to do is brun the disk? Thanks!

    • electrolics

      yes you just need to burn the disk or make an Bootable USB by following the instructions provided with the image, this contains a bootable win xp with useful tools included.

  • iskofield

    keep up the good work! this is the best boot cd on the internet

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  • Both links down ๐Ÿ™

  • bill

    When I try to start minixp it starts to load and then the monitor goes blank and it says input signal out of range, this happens with the linux prog also. Any ideas?
    Thank You

  • spencer

    How to boot/run your F4UBCD from a multiboot usb flash drive using GRUB4DOS ? What should the entry for F4UBCD look like in

  • bill

    When I try to start minixp it starts to load and then the monitor goes blank and it says input signal out of range, this happens with the linux prog also. Any ideas?
    Thank You

  • It is coming up on 2 years since a release. I prefer this over Hiren Boot CD and would love to see you matching some of the newer items he has released.

  • 007Dragon

    I will have to say, hands down! this is the best recovery tool cd ever created!! I’m not saying the best tools are on the cd, but the development and thought process behind the cd is absolutely the best. I’m not sure what happen to my HP All-in-one, however the Seagate drive would do nothing but emit a low power beep… ie seized spindle. All of my wifes data was saved locally, where as mine was saved to our NAS… For days I tried everything I knew of, SPINRITE, ACRONIS, slaving it to another PC, nothing worked. I then opened the drive, and loosened the spindle bearing screws enough to relieve pressure… this freed up the platters so they could spin freely, however upon closing the HD and applying power… all the drive did was click.. I thought we were screwed big time and I prepared the wife for the $500-1000 bill for data recovery… until I found this tool on the net!!! I were able to fix the drive, or rather read it enough for the mini xp to recognize it. A BIG THANKS TO THE CREATOR. The only thing that could make this CD better, would be to add a product called OnTrack to the line up of tools. OnTrack is a lot like Acronis, but better!

  • VSH

    Waiting for ANOTHER VERSION

  • Bruce

    thanks for the sweet tools. is there any updates?

  • Falcon FOUR’s FINEST served in this cool CD, best of all worlds LINUX and WINDOWS, very versital, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, now I just need to know what a normal MBR looks like so I can boot as I used to, without “kickstarting” NT Loader, I could also install GRUB, as that is also cool, just need to know how to actually install grub safely at the end of the drive.

    THANKS AGAIN FALCON FOUR, may your tools live forever into destiny, well, hope the ARM architecture, let us hope not, I mean ARM is good at PORTABLE devices, but who can pass a full blown X86


  • My brother recommended I might like this blog. He was entirely
    right. This put up truly made my day. You cann’t imagine just how so much time I had spent for this info! Thanks!

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  • Tee

    USUALLY magic, but fails to detect the Toshiba hard drive in my Dell Inspiron 15, (other utilities like Macrium reflect are seeing it) so I’m having to do what I can the hard old-fashioned way in DOS.
    Any fixes?

  • Good day! I could have sworn I’ve visited this site before but
    after looking at some of the posts I realized
    it’s new to me. Anyways, I’m definitely happy I came across it
    and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back often!

  • hi guys, can anyone help me,.. i have a genuine copy of windows ultimate n x64 saved as a windows image backup on my external hdd,. evrything worked fine untill i upgraded and installed a new mobo cpu and ram . upon restarting my pc i get windows to start loading just as the coloured spheres start to rotate around each other (if u know what i mean sorry) it crashes and bsod,..i dont think there is anything wrong with my hdd or other hardware as i can do a clean install of windows with no problem at all,…what programs on the boot cd should i use to restore my pc?,..i am totally at a loss with the ultimate boot cd,

    thanks in advance


    • falconfour

      Hah! Dude, totally not the right place to be asking that, but you’ve got a very common and very easily solved storage controller driver problem. F4UBCD can help you fix it, but “Repair Your Computer” would be easier if you don’t have the CD yet.

      For “Repair Your Computer”, do this:
      Right when you power it on, mash F8 repeatedly until you get the advanced startup options menu (if you get a boot device menu instead, pick your hard drive and hit Enter and F8 in immediate sequence so Windows catches it a split second later).
      If Startup Repair comes up – big box with a waving progress bar – CANCEL IT IMMEDIATELY. It’ll lock itself into repair mode if you take more than a couple seconds.
      Log into the tools, it will require your account password.
      Click “Command Prompt”.
      Enter “regedit”.
      Go to File, Load Hive.
      Browse for your hard drive’s Windows folder (NOT the one it starts off in, which is the mini-Windows environment!), and select WindowsSystem32ConfigSYSTEM.
      Mash the keyboard to give it a name.
      **Expand that new mash-keyboard key. Select “Select”. Look in the values for “Current”.
      Select the key matching “ControlSet00x”, where “x” is what you just found in the last step.
      Drill down to Servicesmsahci.
      Change “Start” value for msahci from 3 to 0 – 0 means “boot driver”, 3 means “on-demand”. It’s needed to boot the computer in AHCI mode, then Windows will fully install the generic driver once it’s booted.
      Click back to the top of the mashed-keyboard name, and go “File -> Unload Hive”.
      Close Regedit.
      Install the proper driver for your new board’s SATA controller.
      Enjoy. ๐Ÿ™‚

      In MiniXP under the F4UBCD, you can use Registry Editor PE on the desktop, follow along with the questions it asks, and start above with the step that has the “**” by it (you’ll need to pick “REMOTE_SYSTEM” instead of mash-keyboard, though). Everything else is the same, except you don’t have to unload the hive – just close Regedit.

      If msahci is already “0”, you may need to get geeky with the AMD SATA drivers – more on that if you need that info, as it’s a bit more complex. Let me know how it goes!

      • tez06

        Hi m8 thanks for your help.however I am having a problem.when I try give the system folder a name I get an error saying “cannot load c:windowssystem32configsystem: the process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process” what am I doing wrong?…btw I am using the ubcd method

      • falconfour

        Whah? That error means something else already loaded it… HOW? What else did you run–… or why are you–… are you trying to start with step 1 of the “repair your computer” method using the Boot CD and RegeditPE? No… you skip all the first steps about loading the registry hive and jump straight to the step with “**” – if you’ve got “remote_system”, you’ve already got it loaded! ๐Ÿ˜›

        • tez06

          Hi there..just after I posted the previous comment I finally got my pc to load up windows thanks to you m8 !..it was simply a matter of changing the value from 3 to 0 and boom! Once again thanks for your help you have saved me from going insane lol.

      • falconfour

        Yep ๐Ÿ™‚ Just needed to kick that msahci driver into action. Now be sure to install the chipset drivers – just because it looks like it’s working doesn’t mean it’s working as well as it can, until you get all the generic drivers kicked out ๐Ÿ˜€

        • tez06

          Yep..all installed and sorted m8..thx โ˜บ

  • The other day, while I was at work, my cousin stole my iphone and tested to see
    if it can survive a 25 foot drop, just so she can be a youtube sensation. My iPad is now broken and she has 83
    views. I know this is totally off topic but I had to share it with someone!

  • Whatever

    Your docs for using this CD are shitty at best. If you want people to take your recovery disc seriously, clean up the docs and make it simpler for people to use your tools.

    • falconfour

      Thanks! Built on a foundation that itself has no documentation at all, I must apologize (as sarcastically as possible) for not documenting every tool inherited from the base Hiren’s disc that contains tools written by hundreds of different people. I’ll get right to work on that!

      (but really though, I thought I did a fair job explaining things relevant to the disc. Some more specific details might actually get some improvements made there…)

  • This design is wicked! You certainly know how to keep a reader entertained.
    Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved
    to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Excellent job.
    I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it.
    Too cool!

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