Handbrake SVN 2418 build 5/14/2009 (Windows only)

Update! Handbrake 0.9.4 is actually out now! Why not just grab it from Handbrake themselves here? Hell of a lot nicer than grabbing it from some shady guy-who-thinks-he’s-a-bird’s blog… don’t you think?

Or, perhaps, you’re looking for the netbook resolution patched version?

  • Konway Jones

    I download and installed this on my system and now have a virus.
    Virus alert! Virus Alert. Do not trust this build folks!

    • falconfour

      Blatant lie by someone at the Handbrake forums, but I don’t need to prove anything. Anyone with a functional virus scanner can see there’s nothing in this archive except the source code downloaded from the Handbrake SVN, and the EXEs compiled solely from the source code.

  • Konway Jones

    Here similar popup everytime i run exe!
    For shame!

    • falconfour

      Samefag is samefag. That’s an email (with the subject of OMG TROJAN ATTACHED), scanned by Norton in all its astounding glory. Not only irrelevant but just proves your idiocy.

      Just give it up, or find someone else’s blog to piss on.

      edit: Hell, the fucking message says that YOU couldn’t send THAT message! If you’re serious about this, then you need to learn English, because that message is saying that YOUR computer is sending out viruses… it doesn’t even make any mention of this attached file! Jesus christ man, learn English.

      • Konway Jones

        my bro asked me what i did to computer all i did was run your exe and now computer is infected with trojan doing stuff and popup evertime about sending mail.

        your exe is infected. plz warn users.

    • falconfour

      Do you even realize how little you know about computers, given that screenshot and your ridiculously poor grammar? You’re not even a person that should be downloading this program. You don’t even know what SVN means, and you’re only a burden to people that have to support your ignorant ass.

      Read fred_be930’s comment… and get off the computer.

      • Konway Jones

        but how do we get rid of varius that is all i want

    • falconfour

      First I’d recommend ceasing to wave the blame around what you mistakenly think gave you the virus.

      Second, I’d recommend reading that message in that screenshot you posted (as a friggin’ JPEG… lrn2 PNG). It says nothing about a virus at all. The only thing that says “Trojan” is in the email subject of the message you were trying to send.

      But if you are trying to clean your computer of a virus, I’d recommend uninstalling Norton or McAfee and installing something that actually protects you from viruses, like AVG Free (google it).

  • fred_be9300

    I downloaded. Found no virus whatsoever.

    @Konway: Looks like you have no idea whatsoever of how your computer works.

  • Antibat

    Hello. I downloaded and installed on Windows Vista. The gui tries to start but crashes with some kind of unhandled exception error. Any ideas?

  • dvd4sign

    Hello. I downloaded this build because I had hoped it would work for DVDs with no audio tracks. The forums at Handbrake mention that the problem was resolved in the 1993 revision of the scan.c file. Do you have a build with this revision, or am I doing it wrong?

    I’ve tried multiple times to compile my own build, and just don’t have the expertise. The dvds we use are for American Sign Language, and have no encoded audio track.

    Any help at all would be appreciated! Thanks!


    • falconfour

      According to the changeset for scan.c 1993, that was added to SVN in late 2008, so that change should be part of this SVN build (compiled and built 5/14/2009), unless of course they decided to break it again later down the road…

      Let me know how it works out!

      • Antibat

        I too would like to see a binary for scan.c 1993. Can you make one please?

  • goalkeepr

    Thanks! SVN build is a PITA for a first-timer. This makes things so much easier!

  • Stamps

    This is terrific. You saved me so much time. Handbrake is great but with the current release, it’s very particular in the types of files that it will work with. Most of the time, I have to trans-code files before using Handbrake. Now I am able to encode files directly the first time. Thanks again.

    • falconfour

      Well, this is now an outdated build. You can grab the latest SVN version from Handbrake themselves: http://handbrake.fr/snapshot.php

      Thanks for the comment, though! I P.O.’d the Handbrake devs enough with this snapshot posting, I’m glad I could make some users happy 😉

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