Monitor won’t shut off, or keeps turning back on, in Windows? Solution!

Oh, I am a genius. I’ve had a problem like this for a very long time, where I can’t seem to get the monitor to turn off after the time specified in the Power Options. Annoying? YES! Problematic? YES!

Well, tonight, I spent about 15 minutes trying to find a solution, by closing programs one by one and using the “1 minute” shut-off time. It would shut off in 1 minute, but turn back on immediately without me doing anything. Confusing as hell! I figured some program triggered an event that turned the screen back on. I got down to nothing but the “usuals” running, things I’d been using forever, and gave up on that option.

I looked somewhere else… the screensaver. I had recently set mine to “none”, but left the timer at “1 minute”. There was the problem – no screensaver was active, but the timer was still counting to 1 minute. When they both were triggered at the same time, the screen would turn off, then try to go to screensaver.

It seems that when the screensaver time is set above the power-off time, it will override the power-off event and turn the screen back on. Solution? Set the power-off and screensaver to different times – above or below each other, it doesn’t matter. As long as one event is triggered at a different time than the other, they won’t cancel each other out. 🙂

  • Sagar

    Wow, This helped me, The same problem had been annoying me for a long time(Needless to mention, consuming my monitor power as well) Thank you 🙂

  • Stagz

    Very nice.. Just all the sudden I started having that problem now that was the culprit, very strange. I thought if options were greyed out they were not active, never thought they would interfere with something, great fix that was starting to get on my nerves thanks!