Re-installing Windows XP sounds after removal (Download)

So you removed XP sounds from nLite then realized… oh, crap, I have no sounds? Fear not.

Spent way too much time compiling this. Extract, right click winsnd.inf, choose “Install”, then go select “Windows Default” in your sounds control panel. Voila. Sound.

Extracted from XP SP3.

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    • falconfour

      Yeah, server LAN connection crapped out overnight. Saw it was offline, just about biffed a roommate upside the head until I realized it was some kind of driver or switch problem… rebooted the switch and it came back online. Weird. But yeah, should work now 😉

    • falconfour

      Thanks! 😀

  • Not a problem. 😉

  • Mirror updated… moved to a new host so I had to reshuffle some stuff around.

    New link:

  • wadaw

    • These links are all dead. Can someone send me the file or tell me where to get a copy. I’ll create a mirror that stays up.

      • falconfour

        Just fixed. Strange all the Hostfile links are going dead lately, but meh. I use Dropbox now and that link is good forever. No need to mirror it (as long as Dropbox is around, that link will be around), but if you want, that’s OK too. Thanks for letting me know… had to dig this out of some old archives!