Hey, marketing geeks! Double branding sucks.

Linksys by Cisco. Pelco by Schneider Electric. Even APC by Schneider Electric. And now as I look at a bottle of water, I see “Crystal Geyser by CG Roxane”. This all friggin’ sucks, and you marketing geeks probably want to know how it’s impacting your brand image. Badly. When I see “by” in the name, […]

Hey Microsoft, I’m really sick of the parents-and-two-kids family…

Are you even listening, Microsoft? Seriously, it’s making me sick. _Everything_ in the Windows Home Server product is geared towards the mom, pa, 2 kids, and a dog “American Dream” family. Windows Live is even worse, blowing it all up in your face how “FAMILY!” the product is. Pardon my spanish, but FUCK the family […]