Thunderbird “send later” button. WTF.

I’m gonna bitch, the only place I know how to bitch. On my blog, which nobody reads.

What the FUCK is up with the “Send Later” button in Thunderbird? Maybe it’s a Beta thing. I don’t know. But whatever it is, it pisses me right the hell off.

I’m offline, but I forget I am. I send someone a quick email (fortunately, only to get them a picture off my camera as an attachment). I’m half-drunk so I click “Send” – or I thought. It really said “Send Later” but I missed the “Later” part. I figure it’ll be saved in my Drafts folder until I send it. Urr, no. It’s not. It’s nowhere. It’s not in Sent, Drafts, or otherwise. I can’t find it anywhere. It’s fucking gone.

I get online right away and get new mail (I use IMAP, which basically means just “go online”). It doesn’t say anything about sending mail. Nope. Nothing. I check my bandwidth, it’s not sending. The mail is completely gone.

What the fuck is Send Later supposed to mean other than “send when available but make it possible to see this email in the meantime””? Wouldn’t it make functional sense to put it in the Sent folder, where it will be the next time email is sync’d (if all goes as planned)?

May be just beta blues but god damn it’s fucking stupid.

  • I found your blog because I googled the problem. I didn’t realize I was offline but I found the unsent messages in my Outbox.

  • Jimmy

    You should clean up your language somewhat. I won’t be back to your web site.

    • falconfour

      No thanks. You’ve got a problem with use of the English language? You’re more than welcome to fuck off. 🙂

    • falconfour

      Holy hell, are you REALLY using DIALUP?! Dude! Can I take a ride in your time machine? I can hold two phones together and maybe… MAYBE you’ll be able to read this reply! 😀

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    • falconfour

      I do mind if you’re just a spambot posting the same comment on countless pages to bait site owners into allowing your comment, which includes a link to an app with absolutely no relevance to this blog in any way… so please, politely die in a fire (probably of hell, considering…), as I search for the way to remove your site link.